I struggled through this book. Not because it was hard to understand or because it was beautifully or profoundly written. The book was plain BORING. The topic was very interesting but AJ's rambling style and his lack of knowing what kind of an author he was were huge hurdles for me. His intentions were clear yet hard to understand. I couldn't discern his style at all - Was he attempting to be funny? "I should not covet but I saw this girl in a camisole and have lustful thoughts". That isn't funny but juvenile. Appreciating a beautiful person is one thing but to be lustful because of a sheer clothing is adolescent behavior and definitely not funny. 
Was he attempting to be insightful? There wasn't a single insight in that book. 
Yes, any one who has read reasonable portions of the Bible know that it was written in and for a time that has long long lapsed. Many of the bidden rules cannot be taken literally - so was there a hidden message in there? AJ doesn't know. In showing the world that you cant take the Bible literally, did he unearth a morale cleansing of the spirit by showing that even these inapplicable rules have character? AJ doesn't do that either. So then he was trying to make light of it, perhaps? No, the book spends a lot of time analyzing laws of the Bible literally without context, discussing his beard, the clothes he is supposed to wear, the food he eats, his fear of germs, his journeys and interviews with leaders of religion and his wife's cycles. Then it ends there. 

Anyways, I find AJ Jacobs a very boring author. I have seen great reviews of the book but I just don't get it. Maybe I should try this book years from now when I have mellowed as much as AJ has. 

Read more about The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible on Goodreads here



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