Lisa See built a powerful story on blocks of historic events and characters. The Shanghai of the 30s and 50s, the war crimes, the survival, the immigration process on the West Coast, the Chinatown... its was a journey where one could recognize certain landmarks.

The story takes you through an emotional roller coaster without being melodramatic, intense without being shallow. 

Honestly I liked the open ending, leaving the reader to imagine the Mao's China, the Confession Program, Pearl's journey, Joy's self discovery and makes the reader perhaps design a hopeful return of the mother daughter duo to Chinatown or their loss of soul and self in the new Communist China. But there is a sequel to this book - Dreams of Joy. 

Some parts of this books depicted parts of the Chinese culture and it rang so true that it took me back to the time I lived in China. 

I shall wait a while to let my emotions and opinions subside before I pick that one up. Or maybe I can't.

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