I am more of a Jon Stewart kinda girl. I like Colbert for his dramatic stunts like having his head shaved off on the order of the President Obama, his celebrity guest lists and dramatic stands on his show Colbert Report. Hence I picked the book up. But we all know how Stephen loves to talk... without a breath and then laugh at some of his own jokes.. and then talk more. :) Its endearing. And the book is exactly like that - endless sarcasm, endless slap stick references, pics of dog balls (he had comments in the margins and footnotes!)... after the first 25 pages, I found myself not grinning, not laughing, yawning and itching to slam the book shut. The theme through the book is basically the same - heavy sarcasm on everything that Republicans hold dear. Its funny as stand up or on Colbert Report but in a book, not so much. 
The book itself is interesting in that it attempts to interact (sarcastically) with the reader - stickers, badges of being a patriotic American, games etc. 
But I couldn't wait to finish and didn't have the last (or last minus 1, minus 2, minus 3) laugh. 

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