Oh well, this is a bold enough book but with endless stereotypes. 

Pray, why would you make this alternative sex liking guy a demi God? Why make him a champion of hunger across the world? To justify his appetite for a different lifestyle? James did not need to validate BDSM. 

And the female protagonist - she is 23 and a VIRGIN? Why bestow her with virtues? To validate her fascination and raw attraction to a man she meets?

I wish this book aimed to take out stereotypes and just accept lifestyles with as less judgement as possible. 

The indignant best friend whose first time was expectedly in a drunken stupor on the back seat of a beat up with a brainless jock, the rich rich oh-very-rich male with blonde, silent, efficient, unquestioning servers magically appearing and disappearing, the female character is a mix of apparent emotional distraught over every slight, misplaced dignity, unapparent intelligence and a whole bunch of unreasonable tears. Ofcourse they are both astonishingly beautiful beyond believe. *ROLLING EYES* (this has taken on a new meaning now)

Anyways, I have read Fifty Shades Darker and can safely say that it only gets worse from here. I think Shades of Grey was better than its sequel by a few fine degrees. 

Thanks for putting semi-porn on the main shelves where women (and men) can reach for it without the raised eyebrow. *Rolling EYES*

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James 

E L James is a genius. What she accomplished with her books was to make some erotic reading legit and mainstream. 
E L James is not a literary star.
E L James is definitely NOT an author. 
E L James is NOT a story teller. 

Fifty stupid shades darker is a out and out romance novel with some lingering references to the predecessor. Yes, it has some "kinky fuckery" within some of its pages delivered with so much of misgiving (to make it legit) and apologies (to interpret it as LOVE). 

The characters developed here have fleeting references to good virtues and graces but there is no depth that we actually understand who Christian or Ana really are. They come off as two immature, juvenile, bickering rich brats who are making a mountain out of not even a molehill! 

Nothing about this book was interesting not even the erotic parts. 

I cant believe it lies there in the Top Sellers List for the last several weeks.

Oh well, atleast women (men too I guess) can pick these books up and check them out at libraries, book stores without being looked over by high school cashiers or senior citizen library volunteers.

Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

I have a confession to make. I hated the first two parts of this trilogy, then any normal person would have stayed away from the third. 

But I didn't.  Yes, I have a part of me that is morbid. That subjects myself to the less finer things in life. But more, that Fifty Shades series is like a train or car wreak that you cant take your eyes off. You kind of know what to expect but you still want to see it. Maybe to find closure. 

So I got hold of the last book in this series. Firstly let me assure the haters that E.L James has NOT left a thread hanging so that she can climb on that into a fourth in the series. She tied it all up tightly, poorly and distastefully. 

This book too is filled with disbelief that each of the characters can be loved, the crude display of wealth (which is a little unbelievable but then this is a fantasy), the shallowness of the female character (Ana - Oh, I am married to a very wealthy man who is the talk of all the social world and yet I didn't think that perhaps I should not have been topless on a public beach in front of my security detail!) and Grey's unexplained conflicting emotions. 
Throw in a bad guy for some fun and some light kinky porn and voila - you have Fifty shades of blah!



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