I think there was one point in this book where I burst out laughing. And it was funny (one where Krish takes the wedding ceremony too seriously and takes off in an auto to Kashi!). But unfortunately the author had many more portions that were meant to be funny and were simply NOT. 
2 States: The Story of My Marriage comes off like an amateur read. There were points in the book that the English was so broken or just plain wrong and NO, it wasn't in the many dialogues spoken by the Tamilians or Punjabis. Bhagat tried to bring to focus the racism that exists between North Indians and South Indians - he pointed fingers at the educated classes of families, local people, his own family, working class and corporations. He forgot one - HIMSELF. His description of arriving in Chennai for his first posting was fraught with evidence of his practicing racism. Perhaps this book was meant to be taken in the lighter vein of things, or focal point was merely two kids in love but 'Madrasis and Northis' warfare is what comes through constantly. 
On the other hand, the star crossed lovers story is oh-so-very true down to the over dramatic expressions and emotions. Some of the situations he creates in the story are a little hard to swallow (Where Ananya puts Duke on spot during his own wedding! - which India is that where a non-family member can call shots like that?!) Oh, well!

Overall, I think this book is something that one can casually pick up for a long commute and then toss in the trash when you are done. There were some lighter moments and then a whole lot of drama written in the poorest of prose.


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