This book caught my attention because I hadn't come across an author with a name from my hometown - Verghese. And I am so glad that it did even if it were for such a flippant reason.

This book is riveting in its story-telling, warming in its depth, and invigorating in its details in surgery, Ethiopia and emotions. 

The story turns to concentrate on different and yet central figures in the book with each chapter - you learn a lot from a little bit about every character - from the Twins to Ghosh & Hema to Gebrew & Almaz. They are so beautifully personified that I wish I had people like that saying prayers and rolling scrolls for my well being. 

There is no emotional melodrama here despite several events of death of one's child, parent or incarceration or military coups - everyone comes to you and leaves you with dignity.

Its an amazing story of how a pair of conjoined twin boys almost did not make it into the world, and with their coming how the world changed and how they changed it further. 

This book is certainly one of my favorites. There wasn't a dull moment despite it being slightly graphic in details when it came to certain surgeries or government coups or Marion's escape. 

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