Einstein was a complex character to understand. Reasonably so, the book is a bit complex as well. It starts out very interesting and helps us see Einstein as a person rather than the bigger than life persona he is. But when his ideas are broken down, I found myself having to re-read portions to understand. I ploughed though it to understand the man but not his science. :)

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Not only is this book beautifully written with picture painting descriptions and intricately woven words, it is replete with deep emotion, history of Iran, understanding of classic books and poems, poetry from Iranian authors and staunch patriotism.

I liked several things about the story itself - I found inspiring Mr Nafisi's pursuit of love and a dream companionship. I found the patriotism displayed, the love and yearning for Iran & her progress very worthy. If all politically steeped families were like the Nafisi household, then many countries would be far progressive than they are today. I found the depth of Mr Nafisi's and Azar's understanding and knowledge of Iranian poems, their authors, universal classics and literature very admirable. I never related classics or poetry to life itself...simply a thing of beauty born of it. 
Lastly, the Iran painted in Nafisi's book is gorgeous in its history, in its struggle and in its culture. I cant wait to plan a visit to Iran someday. This notion itself should speak volumes about Nafisi's 'Things I've been Silent About'.

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Having lived in Hyderabad for years, I was easily pulled in by this book. The narrative was really nice, the references and letters showed what India was like way before our times, and the descriptions painted over the current Hyderabad. I wish I could have been in Hyderabad or read this book while I was living there... I would have seen Banjara Hills, Golconda Fort, The Masjid and Hussain Sagar with new eyes. 

The verbal portraits of each British Company Employee, the Mughals and commoners were beautiful. And I like how Dalrymple included pictures and paintings in the book.

Its a great read.

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