PictureHere's a pic of me to throw darts at for not knowing better!
There were many times in my life where I did not know better like yesterday when I said, "I am going to quit all carbs". Hahahahahah *tears*
What I should have said, "I am going to try to limit the amount of carbs I shove down my throat". 

There are several such things and here are a few:

1. "I believe the two biggest time wasting activities in life are 'Toilet Time' and 'Sleeping'. That's wasting precious time" as said to my best friend when I was an idiot and 16 years of age. 

2. "I hate long commutes. Such long hours of sitting still and doing nothing.", as said to BK and insisting on moving closer to work. He agreed. Another idiot. Such long peaceful without kids time has been lost. 

3. "I will be my kids' best friend unlike you people." as said to my smirking parents. 

4. "I want a job where it's all glamour with make up and travel and high power meetings." The only make up I put on is painting my eyes wide open and I shudder at any travel because of all the pre-work at home. 

5. "I want a large large family... one where I can run my own country with", said amongst friends in a happy happy state. 

6. "I want our children to go to private school, eat organic food, learn to read like on of those 'Your Baby Can Read' programs and play serious sports", said I, in a hormone driven craze while pregnant for the first time.

7. "I know what I am talking about". Should have said that I know what I read on some random forum on google. 

8. "I will never give my child processed foods", said I when I didn't know better. 

9. "I can't ever imagine a life without high heels", yeah, imagine it b!atch!

10. "It is JUST NOT lady like to fart out loud...I could never ever do that", said I before I knew what it was like to be pregnant and throwing up. Thanks BK for helping me out with that one. 

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05/17/2013 3:52am

this one was absolutely hilarious ! *thumbs up*

05/18/2013 4:02pm

True Stories!

05/22/2013 3:21am

Very cute and can totally empathise. I think motherhood brings us all down from 'know-it-all' to ground reality and the rides not great huh?!!

05/23/2013 12:18pm

Motherhood strips us off all perceived dignity and brings us standing at our vulnerable best. I love the ride and the wake up call.


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