No, not this one. 

This one.
Now this dates back to right before I proposed to BK

When I had decided that's what I wanted to do, I needed the right ring without busting my mattress open for my savings. And this was a spur of the moment plan with no years of planning or saving up. So where does a girl go to pick out a ring? 

I got Mummu Tee along. 
Me. (Check out that doll holding a doll!)
So promising myself that I wouldn't go over my budget and wouldn't buy anything for myself, we set out to the Diamond Hut Jewelry. After looking high and low for the ring , I settled for one that was a good runner up. I was getting the coldest feet ever. Mummu Tee decided to buy something at the Jewelry as well. So I took a break from ring hunting and decided to walk around the mall. (Seriously, Men have the easiest job of picking out a ring - pick the biggest, DONE!)

My 'walk' led me straight to another Jewelry Showroom. The jeweler over there - Mike (looks exactly like Jason Statham) was on 'salesman-steroids' that evening. I ended up telling him what I wanted, why I wanted it and when. He went for the kill (and overkill with his flattery and wishing there was a girl who would propose to him) and ended up showing me the perfect ring. The perfect ring which had BK written all over it. The problem was, it was way over my budget. And Mike just wouldn't stop with his sweet talking. 
Meanwhile Tee kept calling me to close the deal at Diamond Hut. So I resisted Mike's charms and left. I ended up buying the first reasonable and affordable ring that I had picked out. 

Walking out, poorer and not very thrilled I told Tee that I found the ring but I can't buy it. I told her I will show it to her provided she promises not to like it, not to comment on it and not let me buy it. She promised. 

So we went over to the second Jewelry Showroom. Mike greets us like a vulture circling his walking dead carcass (but nicer). With great flourish, he displays the ring. Tee stands still for a second and then bursts out gushing and then in a whisper says, 'This is BK's ring'. We had a 'my precious' moment right there. 
Great! Try getting out of that one. My wing-woman turned. And Mike is doing a victory dance!
Image: Google
Turns out, for me it was this Ring experience after all
Elaine Benes' awesome dance! Image: Google images
So there I was standing with one diamond ring in my bag and another beckoning to me with it's gleaming eyes locked on mine and in between a hippity hoppity-ing Jeweler and Tee going Gollum on me.
I have no recollection of what happened after that. About 20 mins later, I was the proud and poor owner of 2 diamond rings for men. Atleast my wing-woman was thrilled to bits. 
And ofcourse BK loves his ring. He saw the other one and meh-ed it immediately. 

Moral of the story: Girls should never shop for diamonds with other girls. NEVER. But every girl should have a friend like Tee
Yes, precious!

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