BK said he was hungry. So I went to the kitchen to 'throw' something together. 

This is what ended up happening instead. 
Then I was on a roll and I couldn't stop myself. 
So proud and out of control, I take this to BK. 

He looks at me. I mean, really looks at me.

BK: 'What's going on'?

Me: 'I got you a PB&J sort of sandwich'. 

BK: 'Most of it is gone and you know I hate PB&J'. 

Me: 'But.. I made this with love.'

BK: 'Then why didn't you carve a heart out'?

Me: 'The slice looked like a B. It was either a butt or this. Now eat.'

BK: 'Hell no, what am I? 2 freaking years old!'

Me: *dawns on me that I could have made this for lil O, who is now looking at me*
Me: 'Hey! Lil O, look what I made for you... with love'.


She didn't eat it. She asked me where the rest of the ABCs were and where is O. Darn Brat.

I ate it. 

BK got himself his dinner. And got me some too. Dinner was yummy but it wasn't shaped into anything. 
Well, thank God for him and food delivery or else my family wouldn't have anything to eat. 

Creativity gets the better of me each time. 

02/12/2013 12:23pm

Oh, Ginz, That is soo YOU!! You should try 'SRK' for yourself next time LOL
I remember you helping me with some brocheur in college.. Oh, and then the Denim art you did for our dear friend. You were always creative... and now with food ;)

02/13/2013 10:00am

That denim work was my masterpiece. I wish I had a picture of it now. Damn! Yeah, maybe SRK should get me carved 'SRK' as breakfast in bed!

02/13/2013 4:44pm

Now thats a bit much, don't you think?! Also... I thought you had BK? Ah Ha!
BK... you listening?!

02/12/2013 2:40pm

That's a Bad@$$ PBJ :)

02/13/2013 10:01am

Right? THANK YOU! I have no idea why BK throws such silly fits.


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