Pepsi Special    

Courtesy: Time
I was never a soda person. No thanks to BK but I have had more soda since we got married than ever! 

But this Pepsi takes the cake. “Pepsi Special,” the new drink distributed by Pepsi’s partner in Japan, Suntory Holdings Limited, contains dextrin, a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and is found in fiber supplements such as Benefiber. Say What

I can drink Pepsi and it's good for me? Awesome! How soon can we have Multi-grain Cheetos and Protein Bar Twinkies? Read more about Pepsi Special here.

Moisturizing Jeans

Courtesy: Wrangler
I don't know why on earth did Anderson Cooper (who by the way, never washes his jeans - yes, it's true) put this on his RidicuList. This is awesome. 

Wrangler's Denim Spa collection will feature "moistuizing and slimming ingredients" that will protect skin from the "dehydrating effects" of denim. Say What?
Ah, now I know why I am fat. Fat and Thirsty. 

This is perfect. I never have to slap on any moisturizer ever again. Or get out of jeans. Which I will never wash because Anderson Cooper is so cool. Ok, wrangler, get to work on 'cleansing jeans' that will clean the person wearing it. 

Read more about where you can get your Wrangler Denim Spa moisturizing jeans right here.  

Art, E.Coli Style

Courtesy: Daily Mail
Why haven't I heard of this until lately? Further I do not know why I don't have one of these 'infected arts' for every wall in our house. 

Zachary Copfer developed the technique, which he dubs 'bacteriography', using photographs of famous faces such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and telescopic images of the Milky Way.

It works by casting a shadow on an E.coli Petri dish and then exposing it to radiation. Say What? Sounds very safe! Yes, please do read more about this level of creativity here

Quantum Scale

Now this I love. 

This is a weighing scale that doesn't weigh you at all. Say What? Oh, where have you been all my adult life?

This scale tells you if you have lost or gained weight. It will remember your weight each time you weigh in and keep track for you. So instead of getting hung up on the numbers all the time, you will know if you are moving in the right direction or not. Awesome. I will buy this if someone promises me that they will not incorporate any sarcasm or wit into its processor. I do not want Quantum Scale snickering when I get on, one day. 
Read all about the Quantum Scale from Dr Oz himself here

Emergency.. Compliments

I think this is funny and fun too. If you are bummed and need a boost. Then go to Emergency Compliment at It will give you a dose of compliment that should make your day. Say What

Try it out. It told me that I make amazing Cereal. Yay, I am so ecstatic right now. *rolling eyes but grinning*

It's fun. 

Go on ahead now and 'Say What' me. 

01/21/2013 12:36am

this is awesome!!! i like the scales and compliment ones the best!! still thinking of a 'say what' moment that i came across...

01/21/2013 8:40pm

I love the scale.
It's pretty neat, isn't it?
Now if we could only combine the scale and to produce a product that compliments when we step on to weigh ourselves! ;)

01/26/2013 5:04pm

More like wtf?! Moisturizing denim sounds really good for the winter... may be it'll come up on zulily or Myhabit or Groupon soon.


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