I have been chatting up a storm in the last week. 

The use of those friendly smileys are overwhelming. 
When you have nothing to say - insert!
When you said something that is actually true but you don't want to hurt - insert!
When it is not funny but you have to laugh - insert!
When you haven't understood what was said - insert!
When it is so funny that you can't stop laughing - insert wrong, then insert right!
When it is getting boring - insert!
When you do not want to answer a question - insert!

Such useful little guys! 

But imagine us using those faces in real life. The world would be creepy and funny too. 

Imagine us working these faces into daily conversations!

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03/15/2013 12:47pm

Freakin awesome!!!!!...where on earth do u get these ideas!!!

03/15/2013 11:51pm

Same place I get my awesome friends who would actually put these up!

Rima Patel
03/15/2013 1:03pm

Bloody awesome!

03/15/2013 11:51pm

Well, thanks to Gangs of Whatsappur!

03/15/2013 9:20pm

but. Gins - no emotions for expressing how much we love your silly yet funny , dumb yet so cool ideas !!! thanks for getting these pics up and solidifying our past for the future ! Mwaaaaz (emotion )

03/15/2013 11:52pm

Some things shouldn't be put into words or painted on our faces, simply felt. :)


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