I love reading almost everything under the sun (almost)! And I am loving that my girls are loving it too! 

I almost feel ready to say 'My job here is done'! 

BK doesn't read. He can but chooses not to exercise that right. And when I was designing my baby in my head while pregnant - the few internal traits that I demanded was 'Reading'. (Oh, come off it - all you mommies out there designed your perfect little babies! No one is only praying for a healthy baby with one head, 10 fingers & toes!)

And my 2 year old loves books. She began with chewing on them, ate some and then finally opened them and looked at the vibrant colors, funny shapes and different textures. Then she started picking up real books - the kind with stories in them. Oh, what a joyous day it was for me. I loved reading to her. And now to both of them. 

Some of our favorite books are (Not just them - I love them too!):

This was her first Book from our church!
Fav character from TV (one of many)
We had to have one for the sisters! Christmas 2012!
A to Z: favorite learning book
We say Goodnight to everything and then DON'T go to sleep!
Our most recent fav!
Their Christmas 'Reading Gift' from their old folks!
We love the Turkey in this! Oops!
Loving Sandra Boynton!
An old fav.
These are books that we read almost every other day. Discovering little characters with little personalities are so critical for our growing little minds. Reading allows them to explore themselves without having images and interactions thrust upon them. 

Go back to some of the books we have read as children. For me they were (from as far as I can remember) - All the Disney stories starting with Snow White, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Secret Seven series, Famous Five...so on. It was a start of a love affair that will never end. I was every little princess in those stories, sometimes I was the prince too and many a times my Cinderella has an after story of revenge on those evil step-sisters (but that's just crazy me). I was every child detective, every little girl that saved the world - my imagination knew no bounds. 
With the things I saw on TV as a child, I was limited. I already saw it - it's imprinted in my head. I can't manipulate it any further. But with the stories in my head - I recreated, directed, scripted... the work was endlessly magical. 

Give the gift and wonder of reading to your children. 

Even if you do not read or have no time for it, give it to them. One day, they will say this - yo ma, thx 4 evythin, brrwd ur ride. wil B L8. Dun W8 4 me. wnt 4get 2 eat. aite L8r. TTYL. ILU. XOXO
Say what? 

So in the meanwhile, let's give them books... with words.. full sentences...in one language... that everyone can understand. Let's give them that chance to enter a world of their own. 

It's so fun. 

I know it helped us. When we had no power during Super Storm Sandy and Lil O didn't get her dose of her daily shows - we had fun reading books and enacting everything in super funny voices. She loved it. I loved it. 

Are there more fun books for 2/3 year olds that I am missing out on? And what is your child reading?

02/12/2013 3:01pm

I am so glad you added these!! We love reading too (well, it's just Ethan and I) :-). I was going to ask you for book recommendations, and also for a children's bible! :) Thank you so much!! <3

02/25/2013 10:12am

Yay! If you find great books, let me know too. :)

03/01/2013 10:24am

I love these books too! A lot of these books are Nathan's favorites too. Some other favorites:
1) Almost all of Eric Carle's books
- The Very Lonely Firefly
- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
- Shapes, words, numbers books.
2) I saw the Sea and the Sea saw Me - by Megan Montague Cash

Goodnight Moon is a big fav here. Btw, I'm loving your blog! I do not know how you find the time with a toddler and a baby - but as you said - The NY mommy rocks! :)


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