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People frequently ask me 'When do you get the time to read'? 

I steal time. I make time. 

Here is my confession. 

I go to the bathroom. A lot. 

I go to the bathroom to escape dreaded chores, the recent explosion in one of the diapers, spilled milk, crying over spilled milk (literally), vomit of any color and when I really have to go. 

Once in the safe, relatively comfortable haven, I seat myself on the porcelain throne and read. Read fast and furiously. Before the first call, yell and knock comes, I read. 

'Surely, you can't sit in the bathroom to finish a 200 page book'? Yes, I can! 

I also sacrifice about an hour of precious sleep to stay up with a very engaging book. I do this only because I was cheated out of reading on my commutes. I get motion sick and can't read on moving vehicles. So my commute is for catching up on music and every other time are for books. 

Ok, someone has pooped. Time for me to head to the bathroom. 
(I am currently reading 'The Time Keeper' by Mitch Albom.)

01/07/2013 4:36am

I do the same girl.....No better place....;)


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