It's summer here on the East Coast and everyone especially the kids know what that means - Park, everyday. EVERY.DAY. 

My 2 and half year old gets out of Day care.. that is playing the whole day and the first thing she says is, 'Can we go to the Park?' with a ready-to-brawl look in her eyes. 

Ofcourse, I pick my battles. 

I love the park as well. BUT... there are some things that should not happen in the park. And these annoy me to no end...

  • The Swing-n-Slide Playsets on the playground or the park are meant for kids. You know... the little people below age 15? Yeah, those people. Not for fully grown adolescents or adults. Period. 
  • Every one should know how a Slide works by now. Let me show you with this little picture I drew. It's very simple really. 
  • If you or your child has a cold or a virus with visible or invisible symptoms, please don't pretend it's not there. You should get the hint when you see the other parents cowering and running away from you with their kids. 
  • Parents, you know how kids are right? If you bring snacks to the park, be ready to handle a stampede or gawking kids. And if your kid spills it, you know you will unleash the wild side of these kids. And ofcourse we other mommies are going to hate you because my kid is now clamoring for a snack, of which I have none - Thank you very much! 
  • Ok, big kids old enough to have phones, what are you doing at the playground? Really, what? And you are sitting still on the swing staring at your phone while there are little kids staring right at you. Please go home. 

  • Parents, while you were posting for the world, to see how awesome your kid is at the park; that little genius of yours is eating mud. Also they are bothering other little kids whose moms may or may not be trained in Taekwondo. 
  • Disruptive kids need helicopter parents. I saw this one child, age 6/7 pour a bottle of water down the slide while other kids waited their turn and then had to turn back down. I saw this other child who stuck gum onto the seat of a swing. I saw another child throw stones. Where are their parents? Rather you control your child before someone else steps up. Sorry but needs to be said. 
  • While having said the above, I do understand kids will be kids. Push may come to shove. Pleases may get forgotten. Someone may go out of turn. Fair play may remain an ungrasped concept. That's all right as along as someone is around to help. 
  • Please do not liter. Seriously. 

So rants aside, it is so much fun to see your little one find such joy while learning life's little lessons of fair play, sharing, dealing with unfairness, picking themselves up from a fall, making friends, finding challenges and having fun.
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07/03/2013 11:08am

oh I so agree some older kids are so out of control, last Saturday we were at the park and we saw this kid literally throwing sticks at ducks, i got so upset that i went right up to him and said "please don't throw sticks and hurt the ducks", to which he just smiled and walked away...and i wondered where are his parents?, and how come someone be so cruel to animals?

Jen K
07/03/2013 11:51am

Oh, that's awful!
I wish we had a Park Monitor or someone who is neutral and minds the behavior of all the kids. Maybe repeat offenders (including parents) get a red ticket ban from said parks! Hahaha... I wish.

07/09/2013 9:35am

I get where you are coming from? Though my kid LOVES to go up the slide, no matter how much I try to get him to go up to down. But you pick your battles right ? Slowly but surely he's getting the concept now .. haha

On the positive side, most parents are kind and make sure their kids are the same towards the little ones in the park. As my kid grows, I'm trying to imbibe the same in mine and return the favor. :D

Jen K
07/09/2013 10:09am

Absolutely! I hear you Adisha... pick your battles. Up the slide without a tantrum than down the slide brawling! ;)
Yes, I love little kids that are sweet and soft to littler kids...that's just heart warming! Hope all our kids learn just that.


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