That's right - they do not. Not one
That is because in my ship which is run by an iron-hand, we have no rules left standing. (Psst... iron hand belongs to the 2 year old).
(And here you can commence judging my parenting skills)

I recently read a post someplace, where a mother said that she was breaking every rule in her book by allowing her child to have his dinner in front of the TV, on the couch! And several mommies sympathized with her, scolded her, judged her and said many things, some of which included 'Control yourself'; 'What are you drinking'?; 'Your child will be a terrorist'. 

They will have a field day with me!

My 2 year old won't eat (jokes on her - when she gets to my age, that's all she would want to do without getting fat!). And no, we never have sit down, 'let-ask-each-other-about-our-day' dinners. BK and I sit at the table, at either ends so that we can face the TV. At no point, do we even look at our plates let alone at each other's face. Actually she won't go to her room or get on her bed to sleep. She sleeps whenever (way past the acceptable bedtime) on the couch, in front of the TV. 

Another thing that she does - she runs around in church (also at stores, doc's offices, every office, any and everywhere) and when everyone is quiet and contemplating - she will yell 'Wherrr you doing oveerrr therrrre Dada?'. 
Lil O tells her cousin 'Come lil N, run, run'. He says 'No! Look at Appacha (grandpa)'. They take a break to watch their Grandpa. Such a heartwarming moment.
So what did I teach my toddler - nothing much. What did she learn? that in the absences of rules (actually even with rules), set your own. She runs all around the living space and pretends to eat - all the while watching TV. Yes, treat this as a confessional. Does she have her own chair(s) and table? YES! Does she have a seat at the table? YES! Do I want to wrestle her to the table and have her toss her food all over the place? NO! Do I want to battle her, encounter the yelling and tears so that she eats her paltry morsels? NO! 

She eats whatever she wants, whenever she wants and whereever she wants. Yes, she is a terrorist. And I, a lowly accomplice. The antics I employ to get her to eat are found in several of the parenting books - in the section where it says 'DO NOT DO THIS'! 

Now let me tell you this as well - Lil O does not hit or bite kids in her class or anywhere. She fetches her sister's diaper when I sit down to change lil A; before I can tell her, she throws away dirty diapers; if ever she sees an open cabinet or drawer, she will drop everything she is doing including watching her favorite shows to run and shut it; when BK and I pretend-fight physically to elicit a response, she takes one of our sides and rubs away our boo-boo. She will say 'P(l)eeeeesseeee' and 'Tttank Quu' with a huge smile. 
If she sees lil A crying, she will come and say 'Chakkareee (sweets), no cry, O-chechi here'. She makes lil A laugh and when A is all laughed out, she will stop, wait and tell lil A - 'Laugh, Laugh, look at O-chechi, Laugh'. 
When you sneeze, she will come running to say 'Bleeehhhssss you Dada, Blessss you'. 
When I am running late and rushing them to daycare, while driving out, she will remind me, 'Mama, pray' and then we pray and she will say 'Ammmeeeeen. Lil A, sayyy Ammmeeeeeeen'.
Yes, she is perfect. 

I am not going to bully her into sitting at the table or eat her greens or drink her milk or stop running around. Yes, I do want her to do all that but I am not going to sweat it. There are kids who do all of these sweet things and sit at the table - mine do not. You know what? We have so much more fun this way! I am ok with that. As long as she behaves with people around her, I am fine. 

What do you 'not' sweat out with the little ones?

01/29/2013 11:31am

Good parenting all comes down to raising a good human being. I constantly hv to remind myself not to sweat the big stuff :-)

01/29/2013 12:40pm

I hear you! That's what we need - a nice smelly human being! :D

01/29/2013 12:34pm

I wish there was a 'like' button to this one. Reading it made feel as if u read my mind. I m a mother of 2 gals. 8 & 5 yrs. and I have raised them exactly like this. And mind you they the best behaved with ppl around them.

01/29/2013 12:42pm

Your job seems almost half done (almost!) - rude and loud kids are hated everywhere! You are doing great!
(There is a 'like' below the post :) I think it goes to FB... just saying! ;))

01/30/2013 1:30am

I use the TV to my advantage during meal times and I try to restrict it to that... another thing is the potty training... wiser parents say a kid should be trained by 3 and as Z's 3rd bday approaches I am breaking into a sweat... I have no idea how to do it!!!

01/30/2013 11:44am

Wise Parents?! No, there are no wise parents - each tries 10 different things and one of them strikes gold depending on what day in the week it is, or what time of the day it is or what you are wearing. Nothing makes sense when you are dealing with someone who you can't reason with. They are children for a reason - the reason being to give all parents the illusion of wisdom!
PS: If lil Z is going to pee his pants forever - that's his choice, let's see how he likes it when he is trying to date. :D


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