You know how it's very gut wrenching to leave a reluctant (read brawling) child at Day Care or Play School or in the closet while you go off to work. It is very hard, very hard. 

So when I get back from being a sharp shooting, no nonsense, suit wearing professional, I change into my poop covered Mommy hat and rush to the Day Care. 

My daughter returns home with an armful of the day's art and craft. 

I remember the first time I got the first scrap of paper, wrestled from her tiny mouth and sumo-wrestler strong arms, I was thrilled. It stayed on my refrigerator for months. 
Lil O's daycare has some awesome and creative teachers. They make amazing stuff and pictures. The kids' get lucky to get themselves dirty, covered in paint, shaving cream, water colors, melted candy and several other messy things. 

And thank you teachers for taking that responsibility off my hands and out of my house. 

They also make adorable stuff from toilet paper cardboard rolls, disposable plates, tissues, brown paper bags, straws etc. I love those lessons. 

Here are some of lil O's latest creations. 
Here are some of the stuff that I put up in her room. 
And then the Artiste went through some eccentric phases. I have more of these ones that you see below than any other. 
But here are more of the cute stuff. (Yes, I have now become that crazy parent who will tell you and show you every scrap of paper that their child has touched...need be, I will pull out a gun to your head).
Sometimes she gets dark too. 

Either ways, I love seeing what she has been upto each day. 

My only question is where do I put all the stuff that are...ahem ...not as ...artistically advanced as the rest... you know those less than masterpiece ones?

And for all readers belonging to the 'Thou-shalt-not-ridicule-your-child's-anything-including-poop' club, I love her stuff and store them all in this little overflowing box. 
Lil O stuck all those stickers herself!
But really? Do you throw out any of them at all? Ever?
...THE BAD...
Dear 16 year old O, I didn't ridicule anything here. So please do not ridicule me on your blog or FaceBook or Twitter or whatever else you are on. And do not reveal any of our family (my) particularities. I love your stuff honey. And if you are an artist by now, I will buy all your paintings. 
PS: Please stop drawing on your father. 
PPS: Sorry about all the psychoanalysis to figure out what you feel about your mother. I had to watch my back. I love you. 

So folks, tell me what do you do with all the stuff your child creates? When does it become ok to 'keep' some stuff...just some stuff outside the house and on the curb, neatly wrapped in a black plastic bag?

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04/04/2013 12:21am

Hey Jency, brought me such a smile to show there are other crazy mommies me. Well, we did have stuff from almost three years ago and it started taking a lot of space. Our fridge did start looking like a scarier place and then I figured out that it was time for the "survival of the fittest". I needed to choose the ones to preserve and the ones to quietly wrap and dispose in silence hoping she would never find. Keep the ones you know she will treasure, and a few disturbing ones.You all can surely have a laugh 20 years down the lane. And remember to save all this for Ava too.. :) The house will surely have a lot of memoirs the more the number of kids!

04/04/2013 11:21am

Hahaha...survival of the fittest!

Yes, I am saving all of this for both lil O and A, so that they can clutter their homes with it.

04/04/2013 2:09am

Usually when your child says it okay to do so. Sarah helps me sort out her 'art' stuff and tells me which of her 'artistic masterpieces' I can throw.

04/04/2013 11:22am

Awww... your daughter sounds like such a sweet trooper. My kids are far from being that yet.

04/05/2013 1:23am

haha! i keep some of the masterpieces pasted on his cupboard and v go over them sometimes... i throw the rest without a qualm! in fact as the number of 'masterpieces' increase, i am wondering when is a good time to bring out the 'black plastic bag'. If i keep the clutter, i will be the one needing therapy :)

04/05/2013 2:58pm

But then again... you are the one who won't cry at my funeral.

04/08/2013 1:14am

am sure in spite of myself a lonely tear will roll out :) and u know this will be a moot point if i check out before u!

04/11/2013 12:49pm

I am so guilty of already helping him declutter :) its easier if we start now or we will soon need a new cupboard for this art...:)

05/07/2013 12:20pm

You are a woman of steel. I am mere putty.


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