There was a time when I wasn't lost to my parents. I was this goody-two-feet who did her homework, studied hard and generally told the truth always. And then that girl met this one - Geet. 

Geet was a good girl too but with more flair. But together - OMG. 

I can't begin to describe the craziness that was unleashed in my head and through it all both of us grew up. 

Before I summarize everything that we were, I want to say on record that I learned Hindi mostly because of her... and I don't want to tell you about the first lessons - that's all censored but every other lesson were bindaas!

and 10 pages in between!
Always posing..
After a year of being in the same class with Geet, here is my PTA meeting conversation with our head teacher:

Mrs G: 'Mr George, 10th A is an infamous class today'.
Dad: 'Ahhh very good.'
Me: 'Dad, infamous is opposite of famous'.
Dad: 'Oh'
Mrs G: 'And your daughter is one of the most notorious girls causing this.'
Dad: 'What are you a criminal'? to me. 
Mrs G: 'The company she keeps is terrible influence on her.' She rolls her eyes to Geet who is sitting shame faced with her mom and another teacher who is saying the same things. 

Later while leaving,  Dad says to me, 'You are to be katti with that girl forever. Ok?'
Me: 'No'.
Dad: 'What? What did you say? Then why don't you go home with her. You can't listen to your parents then go... hey, where are you going? Come back here. So if I tell you to go to her home, you will just go? Get in the car stupid.'! 

(more or less what happened)

One night, I was almost asleep and reasonably so because it was 2:30AM! My phone rings and I ran to pick it up. (Geet, Yasu and several of us talk that late into school nights because most of us were blacklisted to our parents).

Me: 'Hello'
Geet's Dad: 'Were you talking to Guddi, right now'?
Me *without missing a beat*: 'Yes'.
Geet's Dad: 'You have no other work? Can't you go to sleep? Is this the time to talk?'
Me: 'Ehhhh....'
Geet's Dad: 'Goodnight'
Me: 'Goodnight'.

(P.S: Geet, stop teaching your dad the internets!)

That's how thick we were. We had each other's backs, we covered each other's a$$es and were simply awesome. She is a genuine and true soul who brings fun to every party and turns every shingding into a party!

Sigh! Good Old days. School memories would never have been this sweet without a dose of Geet. And thanks babe for that great dose of F.R.I.E.N.D.S of ISK. Those b!atches over there are bat-sh!t NUTS.

Deadly Scorpions baby!


03/04/2013 1:51pm

Speechless gincy....sigh!!!! Aur mere aankhein bhar Gaye hain...ye khushi ke aaso hain re..lolzzzzz....I feel v never parted trust me ur blog n our group chat ..gosh Wht ws I waitin for Christmas....thanx to whatsapp hopin it never crashes:P....well ya both da episodes u narrated r so fresh like thy happened sumtym bac....v were one hell of crazy gals...n I want tht book plssssss.....hugs*

03/04/2013 5:13pm

Awww, Guddi! I miss everything and us too.

Yeah, you will have the book.

03/04/2013 2:10pm

Ohh btw gins I showed my mom dese two pics n she says gincy had cme home wit this sari on teachers day n by da time u reached my place Teri sari almost khul Gaye......rofl n she fixed it for u.. mom ws almost abt to beat me up as v both kept giggling n mom culdnt drape it for me..lol

03/04/2013 5:15pm

Hahahaha... yeah, I remember her helping you dress for your 16th Bday! I said something like my one boob looks different than the other and she kept laughing so much! Your mom rocks. Hi Auntie!

03/04/2013 11:58pm

OMG this post brought pure nostalgia. Geet is awesome, she brings smiles and laughs to everyone. Its incredible how infectious her enthusiasm is and no pain can break her. Love you Geet, you still and will always get quoted as the best troublemaker :p

03/06/2013 2:53pm

You said it!

03/05/2013 10:52am

Yea.. totally agree abt Geetu... I had so much fun with her towards the end of 7th, followed by 8th and 9th std... i remember her singing the Lifebuoy soap ad (of course, with the actions of scrubbing and lathering the bar on her arms and body)... she was the coolest kid in the class, always happy... she introduced me to the latest hindi movies and very frequent (read as more-than-required) personal grooming :) i remember us combing our hair between classes (getting caught for it by the teachers too).. the staple must-haves in our desks were comb, mirror and hand cream (i dont know why... oh yea, i think it was because chalk dust would dry up our hands)... :) Stay the same Geets!

03/06/2013 2:54pm

We even painted our nails in class!

03/06/2013 4:23pm

hahahha , the painting nails , making Tang during class or was it Vimto , me taking my regular naps , Lolz we were simply crazy that one year !! but yeah Gins , Geetu and you were awesome , Infact , I feel , Geetu and I were poles apart , both your good buddies , and somehow we both kinda put together would be an awesome Gincy !! did this make sense to you ?? God bless Geets for the ISK friends !!! *wink * love you gals

03/08/2013 12:34am

Linu...........OMG da lifebouy ad......Haahaaa.......groomin al day in class 4 Wht??? God only knws...total crazy days ...I luved ur long nails n ur laughs Whre tears wuld flow in secs.....mis u Linu...hope al is wel at ur end.....nw tht u hve heard abt our group on whatsapp get on der n inbox me ur no....take Care.....

03/08/2013 8:35pm

Yasu... no you do not make any sense at all! You were awesome. Geetu was awesome. I was well... if I have to say so myself .awesome! We were all crazy! Love you!

03/08/2013 8:35pm

Hahaha... I forgot about Linu and her tears of joy! OMG! That used to be hilarious!


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