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I can't believe it has been 5 months since we went from family of three to family of four. 

I have these moments when it occurs to me that I can't remember life before any big event. Six months into my marriage, I would look back and couldn't recall everything of my times of being single and living alone. 
Then after Lil O came along, I couldn't remember much of our life as a living-it-up couple. And I am pretty sure we did. 
And now 5 months into being parents to two babies, I can't remember being just us and O. It's like Lil A was always around.
I guess that goes to show how we have been moving from a wave of awesome to the next. 

Lil A's accomplishments:

She flipped on her tummy a week after she turned 4 months. And then refused to ever do it again for a long while. Recently she picked it up again. Funny child!

She tried out a Day Care and dazzled them with her smiles. I think I was the one in flutters and tears than her. You did good, A!

She can throw up and smile at the same time. Now let's try to teach Dada that. 

She talks up a storm. A STORM. So that makes two storms at home at all times. Joy! 

It's been great. And I can't imagine life without them and BK. 
Happy 5th month lil peanut!

We did good BK. 


01/08/2013 12:12am

I am glad Lil A did good... it's a relief for any parent when children adjust to change well... hugs and kisses to A for being a brave girl!


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