Despite being mad busy this week and going through some hard times, BK made it possible for me to go and meet my current favorite blogger queen and celebrity - The Bloggess. She is on a book tour promoting her book Let's Pretend This Never Happened

Jenny Lawson is incredibly awesome and OMG funny. 

She is Jenny from Beyonce The Giant Metal Chicken

This title here? Well Knock Knock Mo-Fo, you need to just figure it out, shouldn't you?
And for more knocking, click here
Now Jenny Lawson is not all fun and funnies. She started the Traveling Red Dress Project, which is a beautiful project to unleash the real you and face your fears. The traveling red dress is real and powerful. I can't do justice to it by explaining it better so I am going to let you find your own red dress. 

She is inspirational because amidst all this she is also battling depression and she fights to go on which she does ever so beautifully. Read her More Than Meets The Eye posts. 

If she is in your neck of the woods, go out and buy her paperback and meet the down-to-earth Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess. 

Click on all the links in this post and meet Jenny Lawson yourself. Better yet, get her book - Let's Pretend This Never Happened. 

(No, I am not getting paid to do this. I know! I totally should!)

Arun Kumat
03/06/2013 4:15pm

Nice jency!!

03/06/2013 11:47pm


03/06/2013 4:31pm

I'm so glad for you ! and I Am gonna take your advise on reading thru Jenny's writings !! But BK is d best !! I love him for loving you !! 😊😊👍

03/06/2013 11:48pm

Yes, isn't he the best there is? Cheers to him!

03/06/2013 4:56pm

You look so happy

03/06/2013 11:49pm

I was!

She was funny, charming and so down to earth.


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