I am a terrible cook and the laziest one amongst them. And I am always on the look out for gadgets, appliances, maids, home deliveries to make my life easier in the kitchen. 

And here are some amazing kitchen gadgets/tools that your kitchen demands. Life just got easier. 

(all images from google, amazon, ebay)
This is ingenious! Yes, separating egg white and yolk has never been more fun or appetizing. I want to see drippy egg white ooze out of this gorgeous gollum's nose and into my frying pan! I will never mess my eggs up ever again... or ever eat eggs again. 
Banana slicer - we need this because a peeled banana is surely the hardest thing to slice through. Imagine what I am saving on...lifting a knife or spoon like 10 times to slice a banana... no way! I am not doing that!
Onion chopping is so hard with the tears and all. Whenever BK is cooking, the onions he needs are always chopped by his side kick - a.k.a. ME! So these Onion Cutter Goggles are it. And fret not, it comes in all colors! YAY! Just to be sure that this will indeed work, I am going to get myself a helmet - an Onion cutting Helmet! 
If I have one for a banana, then I need one for my eggs. Because after ripe bananas, boiled eggs are the toughest things on earth. 
I have a problem with talking gadgets. I never understand what that robotic voice is telling me in that monotonous voice. I do not get along with my navigator or Suri. But I am totally willing to start a new relationship - this Talking Kitchen Thermometer and I are in love. It will tell you exactly what temperature the food is at no matter which part of the chicken, turkey or steak you stick it into. And if you listen in real careful, the chicken will talk to you from the beyond. 
When I first saw this contraption, I had no clue what I was looking at. I thought it was a plumping tool. Then I saw it in action and ever since then, a void has been created in my kitchen. I need this Apple Peeler. Look at the amazing apple peel it makes! For the longest apple skin ever, you need this. Wait, what? 
I was looking up some simple recipes for roasted corn (yes, I need recipes for  everything) and my life changed forever. You know how hard life gets when you have to butter your corn? Not anymore, introducing Corn Butterer Thingie. So easy, breezey Cover Girl.. ok, not cover girl but corn!
Now I know why BK hates my PBJ sandwiches. They were never complete without the PBJ Spread Spoon. One spoon, two sides... OMG, amazing *standing ovation*. Well played. A butter knife and it's other end or two spoons would NOT have done it. 
Please fell free to introduce me to more amazing Kitchen tools at the earliest. I need them all. 

02/26/2013 6:29pm

OMG these is hysterical!!

I actually have that EXACT apple peeler. It comes in handy making pie. Or so my husband says.

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02/26/2013 9:08pm

The things people invent all in the name of necessity. Haha!

02/28/2013 12:19am

the egg yolk seperator beats everything hands down! :-) I think the boiled egg slicer comes handy for decorating biriyani... very essential things for the kitchen gins!

02/28/2013 12:49pm

And the toughest part about making a biriyani is slicing up eggs? Hmmmm... if only!

03/02/2013 11:43am

Lol this post is hilarious!! That nose egg separator is nasty. I don't want any whites that come out of that nose.

03/02/2013 6:05pm

Exactly! I honestly do not think it was meant to be a household name at all; perhaps some guy's idea of funny runny nose in the kitchen.

03/16/2013 10:03pm

This is hilarious!! I actually have an egg slicer and you know what makes it worth while... my son thinks its very fancy - just another way to make him eat his eggs.
I want that egg separator... lol, no kidding!
Oh, And you've seen the egg timer... very handy!! :))

03/19/2013 11:09am

Hahaha... you are crazy! I will track it down for you!


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