Exactly a year ago, a slightly pregnant me, exhausted BK and an everywhere-at-once lil O moved into our own home! 
A year later - this house became well loved in more ways than one. We have punched a hole in one of the walls, BK became a very good handyman (and I became a very shrewd nagging wife), the once-pristine walls with accent walls have become all accent walls with food art, Crayola art and hand print art all over, carpets now sport every imaginable strain (yes, EVERY imaginable). We went from sporting fantastic art work to featuring beautiful milestone pictures of the girls and now to Lil O's daycare art (this includes a toilet paper roll dangling on thread as well). Each of us tumbled down the stairs, walked into doors, tripped and slipped in the bath yet loving our home. Our guest room has had so many family and friends that we can't recall a time that we have had the house to just the us. Yes, this house has become much loved and memories filled.

We celebrated our first Christmas and New Year here as a family of four. Lil O turned 2 and we celebrated our 4 years of wedded bliss here. We bought our second bundle of joy - lil A into this house. 
Antique velvet cushion covers studded with diamantes
Today is also a milestone for me. This day, NINE whole and long years ago, I started working! It's been nine years and I realize that I haven't even clocked the halfway mark. I am grateful that I have had work for so many years despite my first company sinking, me relocating and the economic crash. 

Big day indeed. We spent it with family, good food and laughter in our home sweet home. 

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