Since we are less than a week away from Valentine's day - I will reminisce of how BK and I met. 

Funny story really. 

First Boy likes Girl. Then Girl likes Boy. They decide to meet. 

BK and I had been talking for several months before we decided to meet (Yes, back then I talked to strangers until they either married me or killed themselves). He flew in from NY and came to India where I lived at the time. I booked a hotel room for him and picked him up at the airport. So we met at an International Airport in India for the very first time. It was sweet, really. We had the awkward hug and I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-hands introductions. After our initial awkward side-ways glances checking each other out, stealing more glances and sizing up subsided, we drove out to his hotel. 

Being cautious nevertheless, I dropped him off and told him to freshen up in the next 20 mins while I waited. The gentleman in him would not let me wait outside a hotel or in a car while he showered. So he insisted that I accompany him. 

I am thinking: 'I like him and all but what if he tries something funny, can I karatechop his a$$'?

Finally I relented and rode up the elevator with him. He gave me a box of Godiva for my trouble and ran in to take a quick shower. I politely waited on pins and needles, phone ready in hand. 

Suddenly the power goes out. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. I swung my bag like a Nunchaku while I ran like a headless chicken,  in the dark towards the Emergency Exit stairwell. Just as I got there, the generator kicked in and the lights came back. I waited for a beat. Nothing was happening around me. Nothing. 
So I sheepishly walked back to BK's room and peeped in. Nothing. Shower not running though. I walked in quietly and shut the door. 

I called out, 'Ok in there?'
He: 'Yeah'?!

In another 5 mins, when he was done and dressed, he came out of the bath. He slowly stepped out and took a sweeping, furtive glance around the room. Nonchalantly he asked me, 'What happened'?

I said shrugging, 'Power went out. Happens a lot in India.'

We left immediately to dinner. 

Over dinner after getting much more comfortable and finding our former selves, he confesses. 

He: 'Honestly, when the power went out, I thought you planned it and made off with my stuff. I kept yelling your name and no one answered. I was actually plotting your sad demise if you had taken my money and things. I also thought you were waiting silently for me on the other side of the door... and that you would break into the bathroom for my kidneys...I was in my karate stance.'

Me: 'WTF!'

He: 'Why didn't you answer? Didn't you hear me'?

Me: 'I was just trying to fix the power... you know... while not freaking out or running out of the room or thinking you had roofis and somehow engineered the power outage.' 

He: 'Oh *reflective pause*... we should get married. Now let me show you a cool trick with this fizzy drink and a tumbler'.
(Very appropriate thing to do in an uppity, upscale open air restaurant with live ghazals in the background.)

Me: 'Yes to both'. 
02/09/2013 2:21am

I just couldn't stop laughing. My gals came in my room to see if I was not out of my mind for such a loud laughter.
Let me tell u tht I laughed like this after a very long time. Thank u 😘
Dont stop writing gal!!! We need it 👍😊

02/09/2013 8:53am

Do not tell your girls this story. We do not want our kids getting any ideas. EVER.
I share your laugh...but let me tell you, it was no laughing matter! ;)

02/09/2013 7:31am

BK in his karate stance! Hilarious!

02/09/2013 8:54am

I try not to imagine him standing in a tiny bathroom, dripping from his shower doing karate chops in the dark. The things that man puts up with!

02/11/2013 12:17am

haha! i love this one! it was a perfect first time meet!

02/11/2013 11:53am

You were there! Remember what we decided? That when I meet BK at the airport and if I did not like him, I would just leave instantly. Remember? :)
Such a meanie!

02/12/2013 12:06am

a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do... v didnt have time to waste... though i should have realized after u were speaking to B for months together that no matter ur stalling techniques he was THE one for u :)

02/12/2013 10:07am

Yeah, you should have known. You met him first.

02/12/2013 8:54am

I usually never comment but this was too funny a post not too... Hilarious... *still chuckling*

02/12/2013 10:07am

Thank you!
So now let's deal with 'Why you usually never comment'? What has comments ever done to you? Lift the embargo on comments because you are pretty funny and we want to hear it.

02/12/2013 2:45pm

HAHAHA..... soooooo freakin' funny! :) Loved it :) that Mandhuz left out this funny bit when I chatted with him after he got back from that trip!! LOL!!!! you both are just awesome!!!!! :)

02/13/2013 9:59am

That silly man! Yeah, we are goofy, I will give you that! XOXO

02/22/2013 4:32am

hey u.. i love ur story.. May God bless u both!!

02/22/2013 12:56pm

Thanks sweetie!


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