Little did Juliet know when she passionately asked,

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
~ Shakespeare

...that she was going to fuel so much soul searching to christen, to name, to create identity. 

Why indigoandviolet

When everything is this world is either Black or White and then those shades of gray, I want to paint everything to all the colors of the rainbow. Yet, a few colors shine stronger for me than the rest. And I mean this not literally. 

Indigo: picture from wiki
Violet: picture from google images
Violet doesn't have the notion of danger or blind passion of Red but neither does it have the notion of doom and darkness of Black and Gray. It doesn't suggest as much royalty and exclusivity of Purple yet is rich and true. 
Indigo is not the moody Blues neither is it the peace inducing Greens. While it doesn't shine like Yellow or glow like Orange, it is definitely deep and mysterious. 

Indigo symbolizes intuition and spirituality. Violet symbolizes luxury, modesty and extravagance. 

I picked indigoandviolet to represent me because of all of the above and for every shade between indigoandviolet. It does have a certain ring to it!

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