Because that’s how we roll! And yes, we are knifing crazies at my nook of the world. 

I have been blessed beyond words with friends for every meandering walk and season of life. And I think we do not appreciate them often or enough and often enough! 

So like true friends do, I want to let them all know how much I appreciate them. I will do so by embarrassing them. 

This series of posts is going to be full of inside jokes and references that will not make any sense to anyone but that friend I am talking about. 

My first friend ever is Min. I have a sneaky feeling that she taught me how to be a friend. 
She is terrific. She loves Dora ‘Bore’berts (I can see the fire in your eyes from here!) and Ferrero Rocher more than she loves me. And when I die, she won’t cry for me. I am fine with that because I have to be; she knows all of my deepest and coldest secrets. If she talks, then I have to call one of you to move a dead body. I don’t think I would have been able to go through life without her. And it breaks me bit by bit to be living so far from her. 

She is my most sanest friend ever and when she takes a break and goes insane - she can totally bring it!
Under 4 years of age and thick as thieves.
I remember just before both of us packed our bags to move countries and go to college, in one of our midnight conversations, Min said, 'You know, we probably would not have even been friends had we not been related'. 
My mom being Godmother to lil Min

At that time, I kept thinking about it and I couldn't come up with something that says that's not true. Years later when I met BK and was moving countries again, I realized that it was never true. God had a plan when he wrote out those crazy (read CRAZY!) situations in my life - and his plan included Min getting me through it all. I am hoping I made a small ripple in her life too. He would have tossed Min into my friend's bucket had he not placed her in my family tree. This much I know. 

Mins, as life unwinds further for us, kids and all, I just hope I can be to you as much as you have meant and been to me. 

I love you.
10th grade - out of braces, into notions of high-fashion and thicker than thieves
PS: seriously dude, you need to cry at my graveside. All my friends will be like 'Look, Min is not crying, she is binging on Ferrero Rocher, so let's not cry either' (I can so hear Mummu Tee say this). And before you know it - it's one big party and I am rotting underground. 

01/30/2013 1:50am

V r soul sisters gins... I had doubts when v were younger, among so many wonderful friends of urs if i made a ripple... but i am happy that i have coz u definitely rocked mine... u bought out the best part of me... i can confess anything to u and know u wont be scandalized (be ready for that dead body!!)... in small or big u give the best advice... and with ur sense of humor there is always a funny side to any problem...and i am able to laugh at life's ironies :) Thank you for this post! u r the best!

01/30/2013 11:41am

Soul sisters! OMG, YES! That's what we are!
Hugs! You are the best!
Bora Boreberts!!


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