First and foremost, I am no expert. Nope, not even a sliver of expertise. 

Secondly, we have a huge case of the Frozen fever. Ardently. 

And finally my girls wanted a Frozen themed party and in a weak moment, I thought - sure, why not!

When I started researching and wondering about how I could put together a Frozen themed party without having to rob a bank or calling for help from my pinterest kind of mommy friends, I realized that Frozen was one of the most easiest themes to put together. Thanks to some awesome and 'creative on a budget' ideas out there. 

Since I spent a whole lot of time ransacking every pinterest board and rummaging every blog out there, I thought I will collate some of it in one place. 

All of these pictures are from the party and I didn't take anything for this piece. So the pictures are not great. 

Disney's Frozen but Warm party 

  • I got Blue and Purple plastic table covers from Party City for every table and counter space in my house. I think the color that comes closest to Queen Elsa's Disney colors are the Caribbean Blue but because of the glitter going on with her, I preferred Robin's Egg Blue. But I picked up both and Royal Blue too. In purples, I picked the Purple Table cover. I picked a few extras each for a background piece I was going to make. These are pretty inexpensive and very easy to handle. 
On Amazon, I picked up the Disney Frozen Party Supplies. When I set my table and the food bar, I alternated a Frozen plate with a regular blue/purple Party City plate, and the same thing with the cups. What this did was create an awesome setting and complimented the colors. Not to mention, it's easier on the wallet. 
  • I picked up some Purple Stars Wire Garlands from Party City and held onto the napkins that came with the Frozen Party Supplies. I hung the garland across a wall which I knew would serve as background to pictures. Then I simply hung the napkins on them like clothes on a clothesline. You can get a whole lot creative with this along with some blue/purple streamers and Christmas snowflakes. I didn't have time for any of that though. 

  • I got a bag of Powder Blue balloons to match the table cloths. These I blew up and hung from the wall on thread, in rows.
  • I picked just two Foil Character balloons - the 41" Olaf and 38" Frozen Princesses Balloon. Of the two, I loved the Frozen Princesses and not so much the Olaf. 
  • I used a Powder Blue Gift wrap paper (you could use the Frozen wrapping paper as well) as a runner on one of my display tables. I preferred these to the Frozen Table Cover. (I threw the clear plastic table cover protector on my table; this ensured that my gift wrap can be reused! WIN!
  • And ofcourse nothing is complete without some Frozen Posters. 
  • Finally my favorite. Creating an awesome focal point for display and a great background for pictures. I came across the instructions and pictures for this online
  • Remember those extra Robin's Egg Blue, Royal Blue/Caribbean Blue and Purple table cloths that I picked up from Party City? I picked one of each and tacked them to the wall horizontally (i.e, lengthwise. You can do this vertically too.) I picked the Robin's Blue to be on top, Purple in the middle and Royal Blue in the back.
  • Then cut strips of about 2" from the bottom to about 6" from the top. 
  • When you are done, you begin braiding each set of strips (blue, purple and royal blue). Just enough to hold the braid. I didn't make it too tight and did about 10-12" of braid. This looked like Elsa's braid and when done, looked amazing!
  • Tips: If you are setting this up outside, watch out for the wind. The wind blew the braids out of mine. I then redid them and this time, stapled each braid down at the end of the braid. It stayed and looked awesome. I would use the Purple in the center so that it doesn't overpower the blue. You can staple little prints of the Frozen characters along some of the braids or tack snowflakes and stars. It will all be awesome. 
The Cake:
I looked at so many awesome Frozen Cakes out there and then drew up a design for our cake. For this I bought the Frozen Figure Play Set from the Disney Store. (If you can find it in a store near you, you will save on the $9 shipping costs)
The Play set features all the key characters in Frozen. I used some of them as toppers for our cake. 

We have a few awesome bakers around here but I chose Whole Foods to do our cake because we love their 7 layer cakes. It's an English Pound cake with Butter-cream vanilla filling of any color between each layer. We picked two shades of blue and purple. 

My only other strong contender was having a Blue Velvet Cake - now this too I would have loved. 

The Snacks:
Arendelle Jewels - Frozen Grapes and blueberries! I washed out some fresh seedless red grapes, blueberries, dried them and simply froze them for couple of hours! I was also going to have pomegranate seeds as well. Those really look like little gems. And these taste incredible! Try this now - you will love it. 

Kristoff's Ice: I had blue Raspberry Jello cut into rough squares. Tip: I warmed the bottom of the bowl that I used to chill the jello so that it would come off easy when I cut it and flipped it onto a plate. I would have loved to serve this with Vanilla ice cream and some blue sprinkles. But there was way too much sugar at this party that I had to hold off on it. 
Everything Olaf: I struggled quite a bit with providing the little people with something healthy to munch on and Olaf was it. I had Olaf's carrot noses, Pretzel sticks for arms and some Lite ranch dressing. I had Olives for the buttons and you would also see some Seaweed in the mix. I was planning on a Troll Pasta platter as well which would have been elbow pasta with turkey meatballs served on seaweed. But I realized that was way too much food. 

I bought some string cheese and drew little Olafs on them. This was a big hit with the kids. 

'Do you want to build a Snowman' station: Continuing with the Olaf related snacks, I had a 'Do you want to build a Snowman' station with jumbo, stacker and mini Marshmallows, raisins, googly eyes and pretzel sticks. Using toothpicks we did try to build some snowmen!
Elsa's Magic Wand: These magic wands were awesome. I got some Candy Melt in blue and used a fondue pot to melt the candy and dipped pretzel rods into it. As I let them cool off and harden, I sprinkled blue sugar on it for a little extra glitter. It tasted delicious and looked awesome too. A friend of mine always did chocolate dipped pretzel rods and I just knew this is something I wanted to do. 
Side note: Elsa really did not have a Magic Wand in the movie. I improvised! 

Frozen Hearts: I did the same thing with strawberries for some frozen hearts. This was my first time making chocolate dipped strawberries and it was quite the learning curve. I did both white and blue strawberries. It tasted awesome but was a bit more work than I would have liked. 
Tips: When you wash the strawberries - do it quick and do not allow it to absorb too much water. Dry it thoroughly before you have it dipped in chocolate. Use parchment paper to set it. 
And it takes True Love's kiss to thaw a Frozen Heart and instead of attempting to create something, I simply picked up Hershey's kisses. 
Sven: Now this is my favorite snack. I found this in several places as a snack for Christmas and it just fit perfectly. I bought a pack of Nutter Butter (nuts warning: this contains peanuts), dipped one side in a little in dark chocolate and set a mini pretzel as antlers, touched up eyes and nose with chocolate and viola - Sven! With the chocolate and peanut butter cream, this cookie tasted awesome. It was a party favorite as well. 
I found these anise cookies at Whole Food shaped like possible snowflakes and grabbed them - they were barely 23 calories and tasted nice. I considered drawing a snowflake on them with blue glitter gel icing but knew by then that everyone would get jittery with the sugar. 
Snow Balls: As luck would have it I couldn't find White Cheddar Cheese round puffs anywhere. So BK found something else that fit the bill a little but tasted clean and awesome. We made do but I would keep my eye out for white cheddar puffs for round two. 
'Some People are worth Melting for' chocolate fondue station. I had Graham cookies, Nutter Butter, Wafers, Marshmallows, frozen grapes, strawberries and oranges for this station. I got White Candy Melt which tastes amazing, much better than Nestle chocolate chips and Hershey's chips.  
Fjord frozen drink: this was another favorite. We bought this plastic water dispenser as an after thought. Now I can't imagine another party without it. I printed out some free frozen bottle wrappers and added Christmas Ornaments under the dispenser for this look. The drink itself was so refreshing - it is Raspberry Hawaiian Punch, Sprite and a whole lemon diluted with some ice. I would toss some fresh grated ginger in it too. I loved this drink. 
Drinks: I found these blue individual drinks called Little Hugs - which I thought was perfect. I served these with Poland Spring bottles with frozen wrappers and Pizza for the kids. I had blue fancy fun straws to go along with these - BIG HIT!
The Entertainment:
I found Queen Elsa! It takes very little to entertain kids if you have a wig on but we had this really nice lady from Party for Peanuts dress up as Queen Elsa. She arrived to the music 'Let it Go' and surprised all the delighted kids. She sang and danced with them to popular kids' songs and then painted faces, twisted balloons, did tattoos and sang 'Happy Birthday' for little A when we cut cake and stayed for pictures. If I had anything done differently, I would have had her sing couple of the frozen songs with the kids - that would have stayed with them forever. Little O & A were convinced that this is indeed THE Queen Elsa and wouldn't leave her side. We were thrilled. 
Along with the 'Do you want to build a Snowman' station, these kids were entertained aplenty. 

After the food and sugar, we settled the kids down to the Frozen movie while the rest of us ate and mingled. 

Next time, I intend to skip Queen Elsa and have games instead. Top of the games list would be - Pin the nose on Olaf
I thought up some more games - 
Bowling with a green ball and call it 'Rolling Trolls'
Tangle the kids in some white yarn and call it 'Sven's tangled Antlers'
A 'Treasure Hunt through Arendelle' with clues from the movie 's scripts. 
Have them play tag and call it 'Big Snow man Marshmallow and Little guy Olaf'. 

I am still tossing ideas through the corridors on my head. 

Food Ideas:

I am not sure I found a lot of food ideas in keeping with the theme. We served Pizza for the kids while the adults had another spread and cuisine all together. 
But if I wanted to stay with the theme I would do some of these:
  • Troll Pasta with pesto sauce and meatballs made to look like the trolls or Arendelle star Pasta in Alfredo sauce. 
  • A 'Finish each other's Sandwiches' station with a good spread or make-your-own sandwiches. 
  • Definitely some salad 
  • Waffles and fruit: I would do just the waffle with nutter butter Sven and a Banana Olaf on the side. 
  • Plain Cheese pizza in various sizes put together like Olaf - maybe?
  • Pilaf and Meatballs with salad - that sounds awesome!

I guess that's all from me. I can't thank the ladies linked up here for their fabulous ideas and BK for his patience and help. I loved every minute of the planning and the thrill on the little faces!

Look at these awesome Frozen Parties for more ideas:

Free Frozen Invitation, Food Labels, Bottle wrappers and Banner Printable.

And much more... Have a warm Frozen Party!

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08/28/2014 10:24pm

Wow Jency! You are truly a Super mommy! Everything is so beautiful, and you are not an expert? You are being modest! If I was next door I'd pay you to do a themed party for Abraham's next birthday! Awesome job! You are an inspiration!

08/29/2014 11:22am

:) I love planning parties.. I suspected it all along but now, I know for sure!

Huge compliment there Sandra, huge thank you!

08/29/2014 12:57am

You took all the efforts to put that together! The girls will always treasure their Super Mommy! Lovely!

08/29/2014 11:22am

Aww.. thank you Merly! You are one of those Super mommies that I look to.. so thank you for saying that.

08/29/2014 4:09am

very professionally done gins!!! totally worth the effort!!

08/29/2014 11:23am


Thank you, Thank you! Muah!

Uma Nishanth
08/29/2014 5:08am

Wow jency u r a darling mommy... T girls must ve had grt fun..

08/29/2014 11:24am

Aww, thank you Uma!

The kids all had fun esp the girls and our nephew. And some of us Frozen fans in the adult section loved everything too.. esp my SIL and I.. we were more excited at the way things turned out and the entertainment. Haha!

09/01/2014 3:10am

Awesome!! Simply loved every details.. I can imagine how excited and happy the gals would have been! Good job gal!

12/30/2014 4:44pm

Thank you! *blush*


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