Here's to the New Year!
I miss this. 2012-I did a theme of 'All Red and Warm'.
I can't believe that the 'New Year' tag given to every year when it arrives, has already expired for 2013! We are past 2 weeks into the year already. 

For me, the newness of the year ends with the bringing down of our Christmas tree. That happened last weekend. So now the past 2012 is firmly in the past and seems like a long time ago. The been-awhile has set in for 2012. The dust has settled on our rush into 2013. The hangover of the cross-over has lifted. Life has resumed as though nothing changed. All that excitement, resolution making, vowing to be a better you, starting afresh has all abated. Routine has taken over. 

I think this is the best time to make some resolutions. Now is the time to make some plans - when we are not anxious to fix everything in the new year; when we are not merely excited to start afresh; when the eager hope of a new year is not playing with our minds; when the anxiety that time is slipping has gone; when the adrenaline has stopped its rushing. Now is it!

Every resolution or bucket list or big plans should have a few elements - there should be something in it for you, something in it for your dear ones, something for security (career, money), something with your assets (house, car, boat), something with improving, something with breaking loose. Of course you define this too. 

I am not making a time bound list or a deadline oriented plan. I want to have some notions of 'what a successful year' should look like for me. If I can make any headway with some of these, 2013 will be awesome. 

Machu Pichu, Peru (pic from Wiki)
  • Something for us: This year is a big year. BK and I hit 5 years of being married. So it would be in his best interest to make my Peru plans work. I think this year we need to get more real in the business of marriage and who we are. I think we have had all the children we want (or rather we can handle). Unless a happy oops happens like the last time! So this year, we need to begin to figure out who we really are, have we started everything we consider is 'the rest of our lives', are we in a good place with our finances, do we want to own a business or a dog or another diamond ring...(just putting it out there). 
2008: The day after we were married.
  • Something with money: Finances, finances, finances. I have always been on top of finances but just barely. Barely as in hanging on one hand off a cliff but knowing that I won't fall off. Not good enough because I like to be the woman on top. By the end of the year, I should hit my target savings, target investments and target retirement plan. Or I should win the jackpot lottery. Eitherways, I am going to start thinking about this with LearnVest
  • Something for me: I always wanted to start a blog. And that was the first thing that I knocked off this year. But I never thought about readership, traffic or going anywhere with it. Maybe I should. I am beginning to see blogger snobs and I definitely do not want to go there. 
  • Something for me: I definitely want to lose some weight. I wrote down my current weight with the date on my phone. It didn't look right, so I knocked off some harmless numbers. So my target is to get to the weight that I have written down. Never-mind the target. But above the numbers, I just want to eat a little healthier because when you are in your 30s, your health is what it is going to be for the rest of your life. 
  • Something for the kids: I want to do some crafty stuff. I have several ideas but I need to roll up my sleeves and actually get to it. I dusted off my new sewing machine (my friends kept laughing picturing me behind a sewing machine - yeah, laugh away. When I am making my own underwear someday, it wouldn't be that funny anymore. Hmm...maybe it will). But I want to do more hands-on activities and get creative. 
  • Something for him: I definitely want to cook more. Definitely. Maybe.
  • Something for him: BK loves to take pictures. He wants to take great pictures that are different. So maybe I can help him? I have to think this through. He is also morbid because he loves studying and certifying himself in endless things to do with his career. He has been preparing and shrugging off several courses and I need to step his game up. Maybe some day he will thank me just like how I am thanking my parents for kicking my a$$ to study harder (yeah, Big rush to thank them! Bah!). Bottom line is - bring out the best in him. (feed for hallmark)
This is my current fav pic that BK took.
  • Something for the kids: I need to do more than just throw money at toys and books for the girls. Reading is a big deal at our home but what's next? That's why I need to do more crafts. I got lil O to help me bake a cake - she licked the spatula clean. That's a great start. Maybe we can make a canvas painting for our wall (in her room). Maybe do some volunteer work with them or turn 'Waste into Art'. Or maybe let's just rely on Kiwi Crate
Penguins friends from our Kiwi Crate
  • Something for me: I want to write a children's book. A board book, maybe a series. Not because there is a gap or some space in the current story wonderland. There just isn't. Every time I read a board book for a toddler, I instantly connect and think that I could have written this. And I have written some simplistic things for kids before. I used to make cards with a narrative for my fav cousins. I want to tap into that and if nothing else, just create something for my girls. 
  • Something for our home: There are endless things that I need to do around this house. Endless. Sigh! Just thinking about it has my mind putting on its sweatpants, grabbing a bag of cheetos and curling into bed. But I want to do (as a DIY project) some of these things this year: back-splashing my kitchen wall or building cabinets for our baths, declutter and work on our current storage. (When I say 'I want' or 'DIY' - I use them very loosely, I mean 'BK has to' mostly.) 

Whatever I figure out and learn anew with these general, not time bound things to do, I will of course share. If it makes sense, you share it forward too, so that I can send the little I know all across the world and spread my dominance and mind control and take over the world! 
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Why don't you settle down and put some plans down, scratch off your resolutions with lofty ambitions and make manageable ones? Take a look at the big picture and paint yourself in? This is the perfect time. The Year Past is gone. The Year Present is already gathering momentum. 
And we have so much more to do in the Years Ahead. 
Happy 2013!
Happy 2013!
(Share your plans/resolutions here, I would love to borrow some great ideas)

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