First things first - Happy Happy happy 7th month birthday to my lil A. She is such a warrior. She was a little under the weather and yet never cried or fussed. Her achievements include doing some onshore swimming and doing it pretty fast; she eats pretty well; she is a talker and I believe she said 'Dada'. She can almost sit up by herself and can do an awesome push up! You go girl! 
I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom to gather up my scattered thoughts. 

Thursday Thoughts

I am thinking about how my family came together and pulled though this past week. BK, his sister and BIL came together, put aside work, normal routine, sleep and comfort to work around each of their schedules for a small family medical emergency starting last weekend. I had no doubt that all of us would do just that but to see it in action was extremely heartwarming. I just love Sibling Love and it's nice. Looking ahead I know we are all going to be fine... in life. Above all, I love my little ladies for being so resilient with absentee parent, late nights, early mornings and leftovers. Little kids teach us so much. 

Friends! After about 13 years and some intermittent efforts at staying in touch, a handful from the ISK batch of 1999 has come together virtually and stays in touch everyday now. What would we do without you Geet, whose brainchild this has been? Thank you WhatsApp for being easy and free (for the rest, not for me though). 

I usually write at my own pace and do not want to be pressurized into blogging for the sake of just that. So when my post 51 Life Tips for my Daughters gathered some steam and I got some loving, I realized that I really love blogging and even more I love making lists. 

A friend of mine Rima started her blog recently - Rima's Reflections and I am so pleased. So pleased that I am smiling like this.
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That reminds me of B.Meowsic which I had promised to get lil O. But she has way too many toys. 
B.Meowsic from B.Toys
I think this is so so so cool and want to try this out. 

How To Make Fairies In A Jar 
1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. 
2. Add diamond glitter 
3. Seal the top 
4. Shake hard
I met Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess  couple days ago and I am still gushing! 

I have totally fallen off the wagon 
  • with my postpartum weightloss plan - I was doing so well. Sigh!
  • with watching all my sit-coms and now I have no clue what's happening on TV. I will miss The Office the most. 
  • with taking pictures of lil A. She is such a trooper. 
  • with teaching Lil O new things. 

Lastly, I thank all of you - my readers for the outpouring of comments and appreciation. Thank you! 

Rima Patel
03/07/2013 9:32am

aww...what would we do without your blogs! and thanks for the shout out :)..hahaha but now i feel i need to write something lol

03/07/2013 3:24pm

Yes, that was me prodding you to write more! Love!

03/07/2013 9:40am

I am so excited to hear about your meeting with The Bloggess!!

Thanks for linking up!

<a href="">Ramblings of a Suburban Mom</a>

03/07/2013 3:25pm

Yes, I was so excited. Thank you for Thursday Thoughts!

03/07/2013 9:52am

I got my best friend's little boy the cat piano for his birthday, and he LOVES it! She sent me a video the other day of him singing the songs from it. So sweet! I think you should go for it!

03/07/2013 3:26pm

One more toy coming up into the mountain pile at our house! We have the Guitar from B.Toys and love it.
Thanks for stopping by!

03/07/2013 11:10am

faries in a jar look so amazing

03/07/2013 3:27pm

I can't wait to try it and I hope it works.

03/07/2013 12:18pm

Hi ya...
we have never talked ever during school days I guess...but ur blog is really keeping so into it that I wait mostly everyday for an update...
Keep d good work going..really love it!!!
Oh ya its never late to start a friendship,rite!!!!

03/07/2013 3:28pm

I know you and thank you for such a warm note. Yes, never too late. Thank you!

03/07/2013 2:55pm

So cute. Hope your little one gets well soon and love the fairies in a jar idea. Have to try it some time.

03/07/2013 3:29pm

Thank you Aditi.

If you do try the fairies in a jar, please make a video and post it someplace.. I would love to see it in action before I drag myself to actually impress lil O.

03/07/2013 4:38pm

Happy 7 months to your baby girl! And definitely let us know how Fairies in a Jar works out, it looks like it would be a great decorating idea for an outdoor party!

03/07/2013 11:47pm

Yes, those fairies in a jar look great. I am just hoping it really would look this great whenever I decide to try it.


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