Another day, another friend. 

Just so everyone knows - these posts are not based on any order. My love is flawed but pretty much weighs the same. 

Oh Yasu! How shall I go about talking of you? So much to say, so little space in the internets.
I think the year was 1996.
Yasu and I fell to be best friends when I returned to school after the Middle East invasion in 1990. My first impression was that she was way too pretty to be my friend. But friends and closer we did become in a short while. We are one of those people who are worlds apart yet think similar thoughts and always agree to disagree. 

She was the first one who ever told me I was fat. 

We were in 8th grade. 

And heed how delicately she told me. She squeezes my arm like you would with an avocado and tells me, ‘You have put on some but in a very good way. You are not fat. You are in between healthy and plump. Which is exactly the place to be. Look at my arm, it’s way too skinny. Don’t worry. You are not fat.’. 

Hun, even then I knew there is nothing in between healthy and plump. 

Thta's us being stupid!
Such a playful heart, a deep spiritual soul and a sharp intelligent ticking mind. She won’t study while I slave away burning many a midnight lamps studying my a$$ off and she walks away with awesome grades and I still have that big a$$. How does she do it? I personally think she is out of this world – in more ways than one. 
It was all her idea to run down the hallway of Carmel School yelling on top of our lungs the choicest curses ever uttered when we were done with our finals! 
I am sure she will say otherwise but trust me, it’s true. It’s on the internet afterall. 

She is effortlessly beautiful and her heart is always open. I couldn’t have grown up without you Yasu. That’s for sure. 

I love you and still hold on to the promise that we will make our reunion happen. 

Oh, she would care less for this post. For her my adulation is an entitlement. 

02/01/2013 5:42pm

Omg !! Wow babe .... Like you said ... Now it's on the net .... *smiles* I love you . And you may or may not know but I haven't found your substitute and very likely will never as there IS NO OTHER GINS in this world . I really miss you babe .... The distance has indeed deprived us of sharing eachother's "moments" I so miss being part of your children's lives and growing up .... :( :( do u believe in miracles ?!? Love you.

02/03/2013 2:31pm

:) :)
No other Yasu in the world!


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