When lil A came along, forced by our cultural distinction of joint families and perhaps some form of pity, my mom flew in, came out of retirement to rescue a clueless me. I had one toddler. But someone needs to write about what to do with the toddler, when a newborn is around. Or better yet 'What to do with the toddler who is now climbing atop the entertainment unit while changing a nasty newborn poopie'. 

So with supergrandmom here, mommie, daddy, old baby and new baby had nothing to worry about. For that matter, mommie and daddy had nothing to do either. Food magically appeared, dirty laundry and dishes just disappeared, kids never peed or pooped (well, I never saw a dirty diaper), beds were made... the times were great. 

Tonight my mom left. Needless to say we miss her terribly. She guaranteed that nothing can go wrong or if anything did, then it can be easily fixed. My mom ensured that not just our meals were warm but also our homes and hearts. But above all that, she taught. The stories, songs and a prayer that she taught lil O are just incredible. I am eternally grateful for that. The things that she taught me, the shortcuts, the how-tos of parenting, the recipes, the baking and being a woman are just unmatched by the gurus of google. 

First night without her - we had cold pizza for dinner, its 12 AM and Lil O is in our bed clamoring for 'Max & Ruby', Lil A is wide awake and chewing on her blanket, the dirty dishes didn't disappear when I tossed it into the sink, all our trash cans are full and these kids poop like mad! Let's just say - we will survive. 

If someday I can be half of what my mom has been to me and my kids, then I will consider myself an incredible success as a mother, a woman and a person. 

To my mom and all moms who are being super for their kids with kids. A ton of respect. We don't know how you do it. Also how do you get glue out of your hair?


01/14/2013 6:24am

I think moms are super - the only way i get through a day is by thinking: "If my mom could do it, so can I". It helps. There's hope.

P.S. - write a post on the glue :D

01/14/2013 10:13am

Hope is what I am taking to the bank!

PS: Oh, it's a very quick fix with the glue. Haircut! Argh!

Divya Samuel
01/14/2013 8:30am

You will survive !! Aww...Your mum is probably one of the best moms, because of the years of experiance ( at home and at hospital) is probably amongst the very BEST any daughters could dream to have!! I 'm sure the kids would miss her more than you guys do !!

01/14/2013 10:15am

Yes, the kids do miss her a ton already. We have the best mums Div... not just the ones that birthed us but our extended families too. I have been lucky all around with V.mum, Achenmum, Bibimum and all of my mom's sisters... Blessings galore! Hugs!

01/14/2013 10:16am

Also, I will never forget that Bibimum (I miss calling you and your folks that!) taught me Hindi and I did so well. Your parents were shocked, to say the least!

01/14/2013 12:48pm

Hang in there dear... Moms are irreplaceable :) But you have a good chunk of your mommy in you :D .Stay blessed. It took me more than a month to get used to the new routine after my mom left. Good luck

01/15/2013 2:54am

I can totally relate to you.... I feel the same void and vacuum in my home and heart every time my mom leaves.. After all these years its still amazing how they know exactly what we want and when... Not just me - also my husband's and child's..

Thanks for this post - and I agree, if we can make our kids feel this way about us... our purpose is served! Hats off to all mothers, who humble and teach us with their love.....every single day!


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