One night O is listening to this version of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' subjecting BK and me to it as well. 
BK: 'So this sheep knows a boy from L.A.'?
Me: 'What?'
BK: 'The knows someone in L.A.'?
Me: 'Don't you like this rhyme'?
BK: ' it goes One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives in L.A., right?'
Me, laughing pretty hard: 'One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives down the lane'!!

I was scolding lil O about tossing her food on the floor and was listing all the things she was going to forfeit.
Me: 'No Max and Ruby, No Yo Gabba Gabba, No Band, No Barney, No...'
O: 'Mama, you smelly'.
Me: 'What? What do you mean'? *smelling armpits, smelling my shirt* 'What do you mean...where am I smelly?' *sniffing all over* .."Is it my mouth?'..
O sits there grinning, having successfully gotten me over her case. 
Me: 'Darn whatever you want'.

I was bathing lil O last night and I was singing 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush - This is the way we wash our hands'. I would sing each body part while washing her down. 
Me: 'This is the way we wash our belly, wash our belly, wash our...'.
O: 'Mama, you Biiiigggg Belly'
Me, tossing her baby sponge into the water: 'Bathe yourself kid.'


02/01/2013 3:21am

He..he..he.. about the first one.. you sould have a coloumn about darn the the things BK says.. so cute.. Sheep knows someone in LA!!!

02/01/2013 7:55am

Yeah, I have so many more. BK totally murders every rhyme! How can a man so smart get here without rhyming as a child? Maybe that's why I am not that smart!

swapna susan mathew
02/02/2013 9:24am

jencychechi! im a fan of ur blog! as always ur hilarious and im glad u decided to write! im a regular at indigoandviolet! keep writtg n entertaining us!

02/02/2013 10:35am

Hey Swapnakutty! Thank you, I am touched.

03/15/2013 3:07am

S to Z: Z, what is ur mother tongue?
Z to me: Mama, show tongue.
Me: ROFL :)
(just happened recently, thought to post it here :))


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