Weekend or not, fun is a must!

I don't have to go to work and I would like to sleep in but the young early risers love to jump on my bed and be thrilled that both Dada and Mama are around. They also like to poop first thing in the morning, you know because that's what Mommy loves to see in the morning before coffee - poop. 
And I don't have Daycare to drop the kids off. Awesome. 

I have to make Breakfast because you know... that's apparently what sane families do on a morning when everyone is around. Great. 

Weekends are crazy around here. Day long Max and Ruby shows, stopping only for Barney or those annoying Fresh Beat Band loonies. Screaming matches or chanting rhymes loudly, endless diaper changes, cooking, cleaning, picking up toys, running around O who loves to run especially without a diaper... so again, TGIF, really?  

No, for me it's Thank God it's Monday already! 

Ok, so it's not that bad. But I seriously do not get to sleep in. Argh! 

Here are things that I am actually thankful about:

  • Sibling love: Lil A loves..no, I mean LOVES her big sister O. Her eyes light up, she starts jumping up and down with delight, she squeals and coos and she will keep laughing at anything - ANY.THING. that O does. Which is great to watch but also means that O will not stop delighting her rapt audience with loud singing, banging toys around and goofing off. *warm tingling feeling could also be oncoming deafness*

  • Up and Coming things outside of Babies R Us and Toys R Us. When I became a parent, I ran to Babies R Us and got everything that screamed Baby. And paid top dollar for things and toys that every parent had. Yes, EVERY Parent. Now I hate going there. I want something different and more unique. So thank God I found B.Toys, Melissa and Doug, Easy Playhouse. Thank God I found Build a Bear and Marbles (the brain store) and Fat Brain Toys. I am so done with the same jarringly loud old stuff for kids. 

  • Wipes. You know how everyone keeps saying 'There's an App for that'. Well you know what? There's a Wipe for that too. If you look at the diaper bag that I lug around, you will find a Hand and Face wipes for kids, Pacifier Wipes, Quick Clean Wipes, Diaper Wipes, Boogies Wipes, Flush-able Wipes, Kleenex, Alcohol Wipes and Sanitizer Wipes. I have made it possible to never need to wash anything or anyone. Yes! (And yes, I usually have all these wipes.)

  • Ofcourse my girls and BK. Because with all our quirkiness, they are just so much fun. (And If I don't mention them since I am a wife and mother, I become a bad one at both! But seriously, they are quirky. And fun!)