The girls shopping on my dime!
Recently we were out shopping and Little O was running around like wild...

Nice Lady at store to O: Hey little girl..you are so cute.

O: thank you

Nice Lady: It's that your sister? She is so cute too.

O: thank you. Look at my mommy, she cute too. 

Me: *tears* *blush* Awww... that child!


I was scolding Little O for fighting and kicking her cousin. 

To which she replies: 'I not kicking him Mama, I only lift my leg and keep it on him.' 


Another time that I scolded her to hurry up...

She picks up her toy phone and says, 'Police, my mama is shouting at me'. 

Me, *ashen faced* sees ahead into the future in an instant. 
One night O is listening to this version of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' subjecting BK and me to it as well. 
BK: 'So this sheep knows a boy from L.A.'?
Me: 'What?'
BK: 'The sheep...it knows someone in L.A.'?
Me: 'Don't you like this rhyme'?
BK: 'No..no... it goes One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives in L.A., right?'
Me, laughing pretty hard: 'One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives down the lane'!!

I was scolding lil O about tossing her food on the floor and was listing all the things she was going to forfeit.
Me: 'No Max and Ruby, No Yo Gabba Gabba, No Band, No Barney, No...'
O: 'Mama, you smelly'.
Me: 'What? What do you mean'? *smelling armpits, smelling my shirt* 'What do you mean...where am I smelly?' *sniffing all over* .."Is it my mouth?'..
O sits there grinning, having successfully gotten me over her case. 
Me: 'Darn kids...watch whatever you want'.

I was bathing lil O last night and I was singing 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush - This is the way we wash our hands'. I would sing each body part while washing her down. 
Me: 'This is the way we wash our belly, wash our belly, wash our...'.
O: 'Mama, you Biiiigggg Belly'
Me, tossing her baby sponge into the water: 'Bathe yourself kid.'

Dr. O working on Lil A, who is trying to pull a Houdini
Yes, kids say the darnest things. 

I had a pregnancy related remnant backache that just wouldn't go away. I put on one of those heat pads that straps around your waist. So lil O comes into the room while I was doing something and when my shirt rode up, she sees the white heat pad peaking out around my waist. 
She asks, 'What this, Mama?'
Me: 'Mama's back hurts, boo boo. This is like medicine'
O, sympathetically: 'Paining? Boo Boo?'
Me *gleeful that atleast my 2 year old is lending all her sympathy* 'Yes baby, paining'.
O: 'Hahaha.. Mama wearing diaper. No boo boo. Diaper. Diaper. Diaper'!!

I think she kept chanting that for about 30 mins. I wanted to wrap that heat pad around my head instead. 

Another day, another time, same lil O. 

I am trying to potty train this lil girl. So like all the Gods of Motherhood has spoken through the Holy Grail of books, I too showed her how to go to the bathroom. Showed how to wipe, wash hands, towel dry. 
She abandoned it promptly and completely because 'Mama, put butt cream*...noooooo, Mama no put butt creammmmmm, don't want it'. 

(*That's diaper rash cream for those lucky folks that do not know. And she said 'Kundi Cream' for my Malayalee friends out there!)

Do share the crazy things your kids say. Post them here and grin.