O meets A for the first time!
2012 was a big year for us. Just as 2010 was. We added to our family. Lil A was born in 2012. And I became a working mother to two, under two. 

That was a badge I wore with pride. It collected admiration from all my single friends, mommie friends with one child and more - my mom who promptly moved in with us to help. Let me just say that I didn't change all of the diapers, cook all of the food nor do all of the chores any working mom of two, under two would do. But a retired grand-mom earned badges plenty! 

We also moved into our first home as homeowners. A big first. A huge commitment and investment for us. It is not our dream house but it is home because of the warmth and memories we are building in it. 

Lil O turned 2 and became the perfect big sister. Lil A flipped on her tummy and is a smiling bundle of gorgeous. 

O, fall of 2012
How can 2012 not be BIG! 

Apart from that - I started indigoandviolet.com. This is a big step forward for me. 

Along with all else, I guess 2012 was awesome because of the things we can take for granted - health, security and happiness. 

Wishing for everyone safety, health and joy in 2013. 
Courtesy: http://nation.time.com/2012/12/24/sandy-hook-a-week-after-the-shooting-a-town-struggles-on/
Courtesy: http://nation.time.com/2012/12/24/sandy-hook-a-week-after-the-shooting-a-town-struggles-on/

I want to pay tribute to some of the people we lost in 2012. Many of them innocent but taken away brutally. 

Victims of Sandyhook, Newtown, CT. 

It breaks my heart to know that 20 children were torn away from their families. When I am anywhere now - the thought invariably crosses my mind 'What if someone comes out shooting right here, right now'? And I furtively look around at every face. The redeeming moment arrives when some unknown stranger smiles at me and nods. I scold myself for the lack of trust and lack of faith in God. But this seed of irrational fear has been planted and germinates with every gun violence incident. 

Victims of Aurora, Aurora, CO
Apparently there were atleast 16 accounts of mass random shooting in the US. 

Enough. Enough to gun violence. 

Sunando Sen, Queens, NY

This is scary. This 46 year old Indian man was pushed by a deranged woman in front of an oncoming #7 train at a subway station. The scary part is not this that this is the 2nd time in Dec 2012 that this was happening. The scary part is not this that both BK and I take #7 train all the time. 

The scary part is that this lady pushed Sen onto the tracks because she hated 'Hindus/Muslims after 9/11'. The war on terror is not over. The war on discrimination is not over. We may bring our troops back from harm's way but what about those civilian troops who go out each day, unsure if they will return home that night, unsure if they will be victimized for the color of their skin, or for the God that they pray to, or for the accent they speak with? When will that war be over and these civilian troops fighting racism everyday be given time to be secure? 

Enough. Enough to discrimination. 

Nirbhaya / Damini, New Delhi, India

This unnamed 23 year old lady endured the most horrific experience of being violently gang-raped and brutalized. She succumbed to her injuries after 13 days. 

When the news broke and the pictures of the protests in Delhi were all over the news, my mom asked a very valid question - 'Why is this victim given a lot of importance and why the huge outcry'? 
At first I was taken aback. I looked at her and I saw that she was genuinely asking  me this. I returned her question with another, 'Why not? This 23 year old girl was gang raped in Delhi, India'. Then I realized what she meant. We keep hearing the news of several rapes and gang rapes all across India. Some victims hide, others kill themselves, others live a dead life ostracized but all scarred forever. There is no hue and cry over each victim. Sometimes the victim is a baby. Where are the protests for those victims? 

Enough. Enough to violence against women.  

Hurricane Sandy victims, NY/NJ

This is the first time that I experienced a Hurricane. 

Down the street. I have so many pics like this - near misses and great saves.
I have many pictures from down the street and over. My town was ravaged but salvageable. When I think of the number of people that lost everything and worse, their lives - I think about how lucky our town was to be spared. 

There are many that had everything in 2012 - many who thought they survived economy crash only to lose everything to a natural crash. Perhaps it is time for us to be kind to nature. 

Enough to pollution, enough to exploiting nature. Perhaps...just perhaps the frequency with which calamities strike mankind across the world will lessen.