2012 - sorta glowing
I have been waiting a long time for this. Waiting to get here - a webpage to call my own. To christen it with something poignant and deep. To post my very first message that would be profound and just so apt. It's like how you wait to meet the President or your favorite actor or for THE moment to make your voice heard and you have none - NOTHING. Well, I do have something to say but it may not be profound or deep, just a resolution at best. 

So here I am - at the threshold of making a small dent in the data world where swims blogs and opinions galore. Here is my drop into that ocean. 

I look at the reasons that I wanted to get here - I write. I have a voice. My voice makes sane noises (most times) that may help a few (including myself). I want to be heard. The date is Dec 31st, 2012 and there is much that is wrong with the world, much of it can be righted. And there is so much right and good yet unseen as well. There is so much hope. And I am hoping that I use my voice to channel the good and the bad, the wake up calls, the pat on backs, the kicks on a$$, the coffee breaks, the tears and laughter too. Let's just talk. 

So here's to a new start in 2013 with me welcoming you to indigoandviolet

I got here because of every casual and kind remark thrown my way - 'You should write more' or 'You should have a blog', 'You write well' or 'You are funny' or 'That makes sense'. 

Yes, I took you to heart. So there maybe a lot of my friends & family, near & far, in touch or lost that I need to thank. But I am just going to thank BK. My best friend, my soul mate, my partner in good and crime. Thanks babe. 

Welcome to indigoandviolet!