Firstly, roll your eyes. 

Get it out of the way. 

Now begin to sympathize with me... I am a suffering soul. 

(please wear your most sarcastic hats)

  1. With all my TV shows either cancelled, ending or wrapped up for the season, I have nothing to do with my evenings this summer. What will I watch on TV now? What will I DVR? My DVR and life are so empty. 
  2. My phone is so slow with all the apps I have running on it. It takes me 7 seconds to get into FB. How am I supposed to keep my 442 best friends updated of what I ate and what I am wearing and the pictures I have taken. FML. 
  3. The Starbucks on my way to work gets my name wrong EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I am totally giving them the silent treatment now. But that means, I don't have my favorite Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino every morning. Where else am I going to get 500 delicious calories? FML
  4. It is summer now and I have nothing to wear. 
  5. I hate it when the 'ENTER' key on the keyboard doesn't work on forms. I hate it that I have to find the mouse and point the cursor to click. I have to move my hands! I have to coordinate my hand and a pointer. That's so much work. My life is miserable. 
  6. I watch some old re-runs on ON-DEMAND and they do not have fast-forward. I have to sit through so many ads. It's slowly killing me, inch by inch. 
  7. The Brownie Brittle Salted Caramel that I bought just doesn't have enough salted caramel on it. I have to eat a ton to get the aftertaste of salted caramel. Boo Hoo Hoo. (Btw, please try Brownie Brittle - to die for!)
  8. Some sites do not expand well on my phone and I have to wait to get my laptop to read them. Way too much stress in my life. 
  9. I hate it that I have only 6 skips on Pandora. Because some days Pandora is totally PMSing and plays such terrible songs. I had to listen to terrible music on my walk through Times Square today. Just terrible. 
  10. I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation but I didn't get any days off. FML. 
  11. All of the foods that my friends list on MYFITNESSPAL is throwing me off my pretentious diet plan. Stop eating good stuff you guys, it makes me crave them. ARGH!
  12. My chips bag makes so much noise that I can't hear the TV. Why can't they put them in a quieter bag instead? The same thing happens to me in public places and then everyone knows that this fat lady is sneaking chips. FML. 
  13. I borrowed out all my favorite books from the Library and I just don't know how I will finish all of them before the due date. OMG, such a predicament.
  14. I wanted to write 15 of them here ....but I realized that I don't have any more of these real life crisis. Wahhhh!

For the record, I laugh real hard at First World Problems. 

Please please share your first world problems here... cmon!

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