Hitting a good or bad milestone in your personal life is always a good thing. You grow as a person and you are forced to mature enough to handle the other half. 

Growing together in the last 5 years, I realized that each of us picked our own paces, grew in the direction that we most wanted and yet we stay rooted together. I did not lose my individuality. Yes, I am known to many of BK's friends as his wife and yet amongst them, there are many who know me for me. All my friends love BK and my family...well, they have come out and said that they love him more than they love me. Sigh! 

I marvel at life and it's randomness in making the most profound things happen, ever so casually. I met BK by chance and at that time I fully thought that there was no way I would ever marry this guy. What if it had not been? But you know, it was meant to be. 

We had friends over on the morning of our big day, great food and our kids were slightly sick and it was a cold and rainy day. And I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. The ups and downs of life manifested.  

We decided on a steak wine and dine that night and we took our kids along. Half way through the starters, feeling thrilled that O ate plenty, we dared to relax. Just then O threw up right in the center of the restaurant, where we were seated. She threw up things she ate couple of days earlier, it was a mother of all throw-ups. When the projectile throwing up ended, we packed up our steaks and headed home. After the girls went to sleep and puke stains washed off, we ate our cold steak alone amidst laughter and stories of our girls. 

But undeterred, we decided to try again the very next day. And this time, half way through our starters, Lil A throws up where we were seated and I made a mad dash to the ladies room with her and she kept throwing up all the way over. The best thing was I managed to keep the puke off her and my clothes. WIN!

This time, we shrugged and continued eating. 

Yes, I wouldn't change a thing. Life happens irrespective of all the milestones it brings us. This day, we were surrounded by friends and family. Blessing aplenty. 

Cheers to life and the people in it. 
Really, Babe? Really?
  1. Yes, I may have said that you can go and have fun with the boys or colleagues or whatever but that doesn't mean that when you return, I am not going to say, 'While you were out having a ball, I was cleaning poop and chasing these kids!'.
  2. Yes, if you have been out of the house for any time more than 2 hours then when you return you are on diaper duty and food service. 
  3. I am doing you a huge favor if I have to put my phone down, get off the couch to get you anything, switch on anything or scratch your back. This means you are putting the kids to bed that night. 
  4. Yes, it has been me throwing out all your razors or hair stubs covered anythings off the bathroom counter. Don't you understand why it is that I disappear whenever you start looking for your sh!t!
  5. There are only two reasons why I fold and do your laundry - 1) I can't just do mine and leave all of yours there and 2) It's leverage to use against you for that weekend. Remember how I say, 'I did allllllllllllllllllllllllll of this laundry, so please make dinner, bathe the kids and put them to bed while I try to rest with my achy back'? 
  6. You know how over the last 5 years, you have build up quite a stock of single socks? Yeah, that's on me. Every time you leave your socks right in the middle of the stairs, walk-in or hallway, I toss it. 
  7. Stop buying colors of shirts and tees that I don't like. Some of them are so bright that noone notices me next to you. And you remember how you were looking for them? Well, guess who makes a Red Cross donation once a month? 
  8. Yes, there is a reason why your million shoes are stored in the garage and my precious few are inside the foyer - 1) you have millions of them and 2) mine are precious. So yes, it has been me who tosses your shoes into the garage. 
  9. I am the-shut-down-and-lock-up person in this house. I don't care if you roll your eyes and tell me that you locked up because guess what I find when I get downstairs? Atleast one light lit and one door unlatched. 
  10. Yes, no matter how much we "discuss" this loudly, you spending anything on anything is taboo. IT IS NOT the same when I do it. Where have you ever heard of men being called 'high maintenance'? 
  11. Even though I do not show it, if you leave your mail box open on our laptop, I do look at it. I haven't clicked open anything or scrolled through it....yet. It is not beneath me. 
  12. I am sure you have gotten some hints but if someone gives you a compliment, they better give me one too. I don't know how this is your problem but it is.
  13. Sorry that I am not overly enthused when you decide to cook. You mess up my kitchen and use every single pot and pan in my kitchen. I keep my kitchen spotless and ...well, basically unused. I like it that way. I hate that the price for that yummy dinner that night is for me to clean up. 
  14. Yes, I leave all the dirty jobs for you and act like I would have done it when you have started it. 
  15. I disappear when you start cleaning up or vacuuming because you make me move things and lift things and put things away. Dude, cleaning up and vacuuming involves these tasks. I can easily hold a vacuum and move it around the room...it's these tasks that make vacuuming a least favorite job. *rolling eyes*
  16. No matter how many times you count and keep tabs, I am not going to take out the garbage, it's a man's job - there, I said it. And no, you can't toss my question back at me - 'Since when is it a woman's job?'
  17. Yes, if we have gone to bed angry, I mindfully toss, turn, sigh loudly and pull at the comforters to waken you. Why should you be sleeping when I am fuming? 

Hun, I just thought I would come clean, it being our 5th year coming up and all. I totally love you.  

Cmon 'fess up ladies and men too. I am sure many of you have some juicy confessions to make. 

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In a few days, I will get an expensive gift. 

In a few days, BK and I will hit a small milestone in our journey together. 5 years of staying married, of surviving with each other and despite each other. For good, great or bad, we made 5 years worth of memories. 

We learnt a lot too. 

10 things I learnt in the last 5 years courtesy BK

  1. Pick your battles. The war goes on forever. 
  2. Bodily functions are just that. They may look yucky, sound funny and definitely smell terrible but they do not define a person. Just what he ate that morning. 
  3. Hide your flaws in his imperfections. Embrace both. 
  4. Conventions and stereotypes have no place in your marriage. Define your own terms. He cooks; she fixes. He does the math; she shops. He takes pictures; she balances the checkbook. It's all good. 
  5. Park your arguments and present an united front to your common frenemy - your sly children. 
  6. After the kids come along and there's been plenty of loud crying - your tears are not going to stand a chance in melting any hearts. Don't bother. 
  7. There is no HIS' and HER'S... whoever get's there first and whoever blinks first is what matters. 
  8. No matter what, the other person's side of the bed is cooler, softer and more comfortable. 
  9. Don't keep tabs on anything. Tabs just show that it's still countable and not countless. 
  10. Let's face it - after a closet full of clothes, she still has nothing to wear and just about every sport in the world is riveting to him. 
Bonus Point: At the end of every day and every hurdle, you love him and he loves you and together you guys love beer. So Cheers!

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PictureHere's a pic of me to throw darts at for not knowing better!
There were many times in my life where I did not know better like yesterday when I said, "I am going to quit all carbs". Hahahahahah *tears*
What I should have said, "I am going to try to limit the amount of carbs I shove down my throat". 

There are several such things and here are a few:

1. "I believe the two biggest time wasting activities in life are 'Toilet Time' and 'Sleeping'. That's wasting precious time" as said to my best friend when I was an idiot and 16 years of age. 

2. "I hate long commutes. Such long hours of sitting still and doing nothing.", as said to BK and insisting on moving closer to work. He agreed. Another idiot. Such long peaceful without kids time has been lost. 

3. "I will be my kids' best friend unlike you people." as said to my smirking parents. 

4. "I want a job where it's all glamour with make up and travel and high power meetings." The only make up I put on is painting my eyes wide open and I shudder at any travel because of all the pre-work at home. 

5. "I want a large large family... one where I can run my own country with", said amongst friends in a happy happy state. 

6. "I want our children to go to private school, eat organic food, learn to read like on of those 'Your Baby Can Read' programs and play serious sports", said I, in a hormone driven craze while pregnant for the first time.

7. "I know what I am talking about". Should have said that I know what I read on some random forum on google. 

8. "I will never give my child processed foods", said I when I didn't know better. 

9. "I can't ever imagine a life without high heels", yeah, imagine it b!atch!

10. "It is JUST NOT lady like to fart out loud...I could never ever do that", said I before I knew what it was like to be pregnant and throwing up. Thanks BK for helping me out with that one. 

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A lot. 

We went off to India this year for our vacation. For us, a trip to India is not a vacation. It is anything and everything but. 
Well, because we are over-related to every person that we come across. Pick any random man - there, how about that gentleman wearing just a lungi, scratching his crotch across the street. Yes! He apparently is our great-grandfather's brother-in-law's brother's wife's cousin's grandson. And now that he has seen you looking at him, you need to pay him and his family a visit and ofcourse, you can't arrive empty handed! This is exactly why 3 weeks were not good enough. 

India has a charm, a gripping charm that claws through the heat and humidity and grasps your heart, invades your mind and just refuses to leave. 

It does that to me every time I am on her soil and this time I watched as it gripped my daughters. Well, atleast lil O. She loved it there. Never mind the heat, never mind the humidity, never mind the noise...she had all her senses invoked and her curiosity sated. 

With all the inventions that man has made towards superficial beauty - why isn't there anything that soothes crazy humidity hair? 
This was me, only worse!
Anyways, we returned about a week ago and we are still half here and half there. There are baggage artfully hidden under piles of clothes, laundry to clear and things to put away. There is stuff on every single surface in this house. This is not to mention the jet-lag or exhaustion that we are still under. 

I seriously need a vacation to recover from this one. But then I haven't been on a vacation in 2 and a half years. Yes, lil O is 2 and 1/2. 

And lil A is all of 9 months! Happy 9th lil A!

Lil O's accomplishments are far too many to list. Except for eating properly, she does everything including throwing diva tantrums. We are stuck at trying to potty train. This is a conversation she had with one of our friends:
O: Nick-uncle, you wearing diaper?
N: *laughing* No, I don't wear diaper.
O: *dropping her voice* You wearing underwear.
N: *laughing so hard* Yes, I wear underwear. 
O now looks super impressed. 

Lil A crawls around expertly and stands while clinging onto anything she can hold. She is a funny and happy little cookie. 

Mother's Day was awesome. Not because that's one day that we are appreciated or any such thing but because the father's behind the scene do so much and make the effort and that's heart warming. 

So I guess that's what's going on at this end of the world and that's why I have been awfully quiet around here. 

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Little O's first time on the Beach.
I am sure there are some great things about being back from a long vacation. Yes, I am sure. 

Let me go ahead and start without thinking through (that's the first sign that you were on a vacation and are now in some form of withdrawal!)

1. You have effectively forgotten all your work related passwords. You get asked by the helpline:
'Do you remember your previous password? No
Can you give me the phone number you registered with us for password recovery? I don't remember.
Can you tell me your work ID? I don't know it. 
Can you give me your Secret answer for data recovery? I don't remember. 
Can you give us your joining date? 3..no, four, no 3..definitely 4 years ago... it was summer - so maybe June or August?
Ma'am, do you really work with us?'

2. It's like someone rearranged your entire house in your absence. ENTIRE.HOUSE. Seriously. Including the light switches and all. 

3. Someone died in your refrigerator. 

4. Your brain is melted cheese and you just want to eat it. 

5. You sob like a baby when you have to wake up and it's Monday morning and it's your first day back to work. 

6. You are back from a 3 week vacation and you look like you returned from a ship wreck. 

7. There is nothing to eat at home. How is that possible? Maybe that person who died in your refrigerator ate himself to death. And you and your husband are avoiding looking at each other because the topic of who needs to go grocery shopping will come up.

8. You can't unpack because you do not know where anything goes in the house. Remember? Someone rearranged the entire house. 

9. You discover that life didn't stop when you were away. 
You get told, 'Jen, this document is due on Wednesday - that is tomorrow.'
Me: 'But I was on vacation and I just got back'.
Evil man: 'Exactly. Due tomorrow'.

Bills: 'You are late with your payment'
Me: 'But I was on vacation. I wasn't here on that date.'
Bills: 'In that case, please include the late payment fee and interest.'

Cable: 'Reduced service. Bill unpaid'.
Me: 'But I was on vacation.'
Cable: 'So many of your shows haven't been DVRed. You still owe me.'

10. You can't buy anything until an appropriate amount of guilt period has subsided. You did overspend on that vacation, right?

11. Kids do not understand jetlag. Infact they do not understand anything after a vacation. 

12. You have no clue what rules have changed in your absence. Do they still bathe everyday? 

13. Someone also died in one suitcase where all the dirty laundry is neatly packed. 

14. No one has been excitedly waiting for you to return. So when you call couple of your friends up, they run straight into their day to day issues and you have to remind them that you were away for 3 weeks, remember? And when they ask you how your vacation was, you say, 'FINE'. 

15. When did you get so fat? Did someone rearrange the internals on this weighing scale? 

Oh, wait... this was supposed to be 15 great things? This is what a vacation does to you! Well.. there are these pics of great times. 
Little A's Baptism, 2013, Kottayam India
St Mary's Cathedral, Kottayam India
More than a cousin, more than a best friend.
Meeting Best Friends after 14 long years. Goa, India
The girls hanging out on the beach
Goa, India
Goa India
Kumarakom India
Incredible India
Amazing Food
Yes, I shopped that much that they packed huge bags for me!
A miraculous save!
This kid is NUTS!

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