1.       So finally! You are here, looking at old mommy for some good old advice! About time! And this is the first step towards making it big in life. I promise. 

2.       Learn a few things early. Once inbred, you will never forget it and it will help you figure out which direction your life should take at the right crossroads. Few things include one musical instrument, one form of martial art or self defense, an European language, to make one complete meal, to sing and math. 

3.       Give good directions and take directions. This will help you find all your destinations, in life and on the road, always. 

4.       Take care of your teeth. I know you don't like to brush now but toothache cannot be drowned with a bottle of wine like heartache. 

5.       Enjoy a glass of wino once in a while. Note that I said 'Enjoy' and not 'Drink' a glass of wine. There is a huge difference. 

6.       I know you will try vices and make mistakes. Choose carefully only those that do not scar you for life and or ruin your reputation.

7.       Take enough care of your body not so much that you don't enjoy anything in life and not too little that you can't enjoy anything in life. 

8.       Preferably do not do anything with your hair until you are 21. Prom-night, first dates, bridal showers, wedding, Vegas, junk food and childbirth will take a huge toll and you do not want to already come in with bad hair. 

9.       No matter how queer or weird your relatives act, you need them. They will be the first ones to lend you money, have your back and perhaps leave something to you in their will. 
10.    Your dad and I are never queer or weird and we will not always lend you money or perhaps never include you in our will. 

11.    Be kind to everyone. It does go around and yes, it's true - Karma can be a b!tch. 

12.    Practice a good smile. Let much of the time that you ever spend in front of a mirror include finding your best smile. You will need it for good pictures and someone else will need it, just to get by for another day. 

13.    I am on the fence about make up. A little make up never hurt anyone. It picks up your day, covers bad hair days and gives you some color. But some days just use soap and water. Those days will be fresh and carefree. 

14.    Be ready for an adventure, always. This means that on most days you should be wearing sensible shoes, underwear and should definitely be wearing a deodorant.

15.    A lady never smells. Never. PERIOD. 

16.    Bathe daily. Even if it is cold. Even if it is cold and you never left the house or your bed in two days. Even if you have a fever. Bathe. It washes away more than dirt.
17.    Love your sister. Years from today, I and Dada will be long gone and somewhat forgotten. Only your sister will be ready for that quick call or coffee or ready with a shoulder to cry on. She will scold you, comfort you, watch your kids and feed you. Love her now. 

18.    Save for a rainy day. With global warming and sh!t, rain is more frequent now.

19.    Do not contribute to global warming. The world I am leaving in your hands is already damaged and repleted of its best. Save the world. 

20.    There are good people and there are bad people in this world. And you are not the one to decide this. Do not judge anyone. 

21.    NO. Learn to say it. Like you do today as a child. And when you learn it, learn to mean it as well. 

22.    YES! Learn to say it. Then say it to new experiences, new learning, new clothes, new shoes, new colors, new friends and to those who need it the most. 

23.    You know very well what a good man looks like. You know him. You love him. Your dad. Do not bring home someone that doesn't match up, atleast some parts. You know we already do not believe anyone is good enough for you.

24.    Be a good neighbor. You need them to borrow a cup of sugar or milk or to run to your rescue in the middle of the night and to call 911 for you. 

25.    Curse once in a while. It is liberating. Curse only when it is funny. If you really feel it, then that is the exact moment when you should never curse. 

26.    Read. I cannot tell you how important this is. If for nothing else, you will atleast pick up words unheard of and someday you will feel them too. 

27.    Chipped nail paint is worse than no nail paint. And no nail paint is not all that bad.

28.    Own a great expensive pair of stilettos. Ok, own a few. Know when to wear it and how to wear it. If you find yourself walking like a pigeon in them, toss them. 

29.    Be funny. Develop it or learn some jokes. Just be funny. And Laugh. It helps through so many rough patches. 

30.    Learn to defend yourself. Not just verbally, physically. You can do it, you just need to figure out how.

31.    Dance. When in doubt, always dance it out. 

32.    Enjoy some cheese and chocolate with that wine. Do not let the cheese and chocolate go to your waist and do not let the wine go to your head. Both you will regret.

33.    Say 'Sorry'. Even if you really are not and even if you did not need to be. Sometimes that alone fixes things. 

34.    Be thankful. Kiddo, you have no clue how lucky you are. Seriously. 

35.    Pray. Let not prayer be the last option but the very first and you will see that suddenly your options have indeed multiplied. 

36.    Leave Soap Operas to themselves. Be your own drama. You will have the best laughs, most soulful thoughts, deepest emotions and thrilling adventures in them.

37.    Take care of your grandparents. You bought out the child in each one of them with your smile and giggles. They now hold on to life because of it. 

38.    Clean your own sh!t. You do not need someone to wash your dirty laundry or clean your toilets. Get help with everything else except that. 

39.    Celebrate beauty when you see it. It's worth it. And more because you recognized it. 

40.    Spend the first few paychecks that you get. Just go to town and blow it up. Get it out of your system. Then plan, budget, save, invest and spend. In that order. 

41.    No matter what. No matter where. No matter who. I am your back up. I am your plan B. I am IT. You will call me when in trouble. You will call me for bail. You will call me if gangsters are after you. You will call me when drunk and you need a ride (not your friends - ME!). You will call me when you are sinking. And here's the best part. I will get you out no matter what and I WILL NOT ask you any questions. We will put it all behind us and move on. No obligations either. I just want you safe, alive and happy. I will forgive everything else. 

42.    Forgive people. And definitely go to sleep angry. When angry, shut up, walk away and go to sleep. If you are still angry after a good night's sleep, let's deal with things. 
43.    Celebrate your birthday even if you need a blow drier to blow out all your candles. I did not bear 30 hours of labor and brutal C-Section pain for you to whine about your age or your gifts. It was the greatest day of my life. 

44.    Learn to groom yourself. So when someone invites themselves over, you have 10 minutes to do your over-grown eyebrows, get rid of your mustache, get a quick pedicure, clean off your chipped nail paint and throw on some perfume. That way they will forgive you for the mess your house is in. 

45.    Get your own house at the earliest. The world is getting all bought up and I don't know where they are going to build more homes. 
46.    You must keep a few friends who know you from your baby-hood. And you need to keep them forever. Look how your Aunt Mins has worked out for the both of us!

47.    Please assemble your own furniture, fix the hole in the wall and change the light bulb yourself. It is not rocket science. Unless you are indeed a rocket scientist, in that case, call me I will send Dada to fix everything for you. 

48.    Please remember this: two people made some sacrifices, a lot of tears and sweat and dedicated their whole lives to you. Four elderly people have knelt down in prayer not for their various ailments but for you. You are important. You are not weird. You are loved beyond words. You are precious. You are kind. You are smart. You are beautiful. You are who you are and that is who all these people love. No one can take that away. No one can bully you. NO ONE. 

49.    There is never ever a good reason to photograph yourself naked or in any state of undress. NEVER. Not for yourself. Not for anyone else. And definitely not to put on Facebook, Tweet to anyone or mail out. Again - NEVER. 

50.    Defend those who cannot stand up for themselves. If you see injustice, it is your duty to help. That is how I have negotiated it with God, that in my absence may you have a guardian angel wherever you are and in exchange I offer my children to be someone else's. So you must help. 

51. Lastly, Listen to your mother. She rocks. 
Do share this so that one day it will go around and come back to find these girls! I thank you. 

Update: I did a small post on 41 Little messages for little boys

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I am a terrible cook and the laziest one amongst them. And I am always on the look out for gadgets, appliances, maids, home deliveries to make my life easier in the kitchen. 

And here are some amazing kitchen gadgets/tools that your kitchen demands. Life just got easier. 

(all images from google, amazon, ebay)
This is ingenious! Yes, separating egg white and yolk has never been more fun or appetizing. I want to see drippy egg white ooze out of this gorgeous gollum's nose and into my frying pan! I will never mess my eggs up ever again... or ever eat eggs again. 
Banana slicer - we need this because a peeled banana is surely the hardest thing to slice through. Imagine what I am saving on...lifting a knife or spoon like 10 times to slice a banana... no way! I am not doing that!
Onion chopping is so hard with the tears and all. Whenever BK is cooking, the onions he needs are always chopped by his side kick - a.k.a. ME! So these Onion Cutter Goggles are it. And fret not, it comes in all colors! YAY! Just to be sure that this will indeed work, I am going to get myself a helmet - an Onion cutting Helmet! 
If I have one for a banana, then I need one for my eggs. Because after ripe bananas, boiled eggs are the toughest things on earth. 
I have a problem with talking gadgets. I never understand what that robotic voice is telling me in that monotonous voice. I do not get along with my navigator or Suri. But I am totally willing to start a new relationship - this Talking Kitchen Thermometer and I are in love. It will tell you exactly what temperature the food is at no matter which part of the chicken, turkey or steak you stick it into. And if you listen in real careful, the chicken will talk to you from the beyond. 
When I first saw this contraption, I had no clue what I was looking at. I thought it was a plumping tool. Then I saw it in action and ever since then, a void has been created in my kitchen. I need this Apple Peeler. Look at the amazing apple peel it makes! For the longest apple skin ever, you need this. Wait, what? 
I was looking up some simple recipes for roasted corn (yes, I need recipes for  everything) and my life changed forever. You know how hard life gets when you have to butter your corn? Not anymore, introducing Corn Butterer Thingie. So easy, breezey Cover Girl.. ok, not cover girl but corn!
Now I know why BK hates my PBJ sandwiches. They were never complete without the PBJ Spread Spoon. One spoon, two sides... OMG, amazing *standing ovation*. Well played. A butter knife and it's other end or two spoons would NOT have done it. 
Please fell free to introduce me to more amazing Kitchen tools at the earliest. I need them all. 
Every once in a while, if the questions are fun, I link up with A Complete Waste of Make Up and do the Sunday Social. Today, I am just going to let pictures do most of the talking. I hope my friends do not mind these pictures being up. If you do, please mail me at helloindigoandviolet@gmail.com and I will bring it down. 
If you are mailing me to ask to remove pictures of me because it is just that horrendous - Tough Luck Kiddo!

(Not everyone is going to 'get' this post and click on all the pictures to get a better view!)

1. Biggest Middle school fashion mistake. (Why stop at one...let it all tumble out!)
2. Who were your best friends in High School? Pictures?
These were my best friends during those amazing years!
This was our last walk out of school. The LAST WALK. *sniff*
We were the fun-est people around!
I have so many better pics of Mins and me but this defines us better, cow and all.
3. What was a typical weekend like for you in HS?
I don't think I have any pictures of me doing anything during the weekends because mostly I did not do anything during weekends and because who walked around with cameras back then. We just did things and lived in that moment without worrying about clicking it for posterity or Facebooking it to show just how cool you are taking a picture of yourself! 

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that. 
I had plenty of girlfriends and boy, was it fun! All of these amazing ladies have grown into lovely, beautiful and successful women, mothers and professionals. I am missing a few people and I have ransacked every corner and couldn't find a picture. 
We fought, we made up, we had each other's back, we cried together, we ate together and we were amazing... all in the middle of an ongoing class!

(We are all in our Indian-wear for Teacher's Day Celebrations. Oh the joys!)
Sher & See.
Bins & Geet!
Farzi and Saku. Silent but deadly.
Talon time!
Gujju bainji turned sizzler...you know who you are!
Yasu & Geet!
Koi Jaaye Toh Le Aaye, Dil Dil Dil...
I am in touch with atleast 20 ladies in this pic and that makes me so proud!
Out of 30 of these lovely ladies, I talk to atleast 7 of them pretty often!
5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
Remember this certain girls of Class XII C?
So let me explain this book. We knew each of us were going to go into whichever colleges we were accepted into and into wherever corners of the world that would mean for us. In order to create memories, we proceeded, in our final year at school, to be the very craziest bunch of people on earth. And in order to record everything we did, we made this book. Yasu, Geet, Bins and I wrote in this book regularly and sometimes we needed pictures because, you know, words weren't enough. It was an awesome year. This book barely captures half of it. 
The very first page!
Bins's tail
Geet's wedding invite!
We depicted PK and his analogy.
This was stupid!
6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
I would gladly relive several years of 10A, 11C, 12C and Sunday School... happily, without changing a single thing, no regrets. 

Here is one that I still laugh about:
Mins and I were just discovering Mills and Boon back then. So we kept exchanging books back and forth and one time she read this particularly juicy book and wouldn't stop gushing about it. She promised to give it me. My dad went over to her place to pick something up one evening. While she was in her hour long shower, her lil sister actually sent the book with my dad. My dad didn't look at me for the rest of the evening, after handing the book to me...behind my mom's back. He knew she would flip. Sigh!

I do hope everyone from my high school class sees this and comments. You just need to. Seriously. Love. 
Weekend or not, fun is a must!

I don't have to go to work and I would like to sleep in but the young early risers love to jump on my bed and be thrilled that both Dada and Mama are around. They also like to poop first thing in the morning, you know because that's what Mommy loves to see in the morning before coffee - poop. 
And I don't have Daycare to drop the kids off. Awesome. 

I have to make Breakfast because you know... that's apparently what sane families do on a morning when everyone is around. Great. 

Weekends are crazy around here. Day long Max and Ruby shows, stopping only for Barney or those annoying Fresh Beat Band loonies. Screaming matches or chanting rhymes loudly, endless diaper changes, cooking, cleaning, picking up toys, running around O who loves to run especially without a diaper... so again, TGIF, really?  

No, for me it's Thank God it's Monday already! 

Ok, so it's not that bad. But I seriously do not get to sleep in. Argh! 

Here are things that I am actually thankful about:

  • Sibling love: Lil A loves..no, I mean LOVES her big sister O. Her eyes light up, she starts jumping up and down with delight, she squeals and coos and she will keep laughing at anything - ANY.THING. that O does. Which is great to watch but also means that O will not stop delighting her rapt audience with loud singing, banging toys around and goofing off. *warm tingling feeling could also be oncoming deafness*

  • Up and Coming things outside of Babies R Us and Toys R Us. When I became a parent, I ran to Babies R Us and got everything that screamed Baby. And paid top dollar for things and toys that every parent had. Yes, EVERY Parent. Now I hate going there. I want something different and more unique. So thank God I found B.Toys, Melissa and Doug, Easy Playhouse. Thank God I found Build a Bear and Marbles (the brain store) and Fat Brain Toys. I am so done with the same jarringly loud old stuff for kids. 

  • Wipes. You know how everyone keeps saying 'There's an App for that'. Well you know what? There's a Wipe for that too. If you look at the diaper bag that I lug around, you will find a Hand and Face wipes for kids, Pacifier Wipes, Quick Clean Wipes, Diaper Wipes, Boogies Wipes, Flush-able Wipes, Kleenex, Alcohol Wipes and Sanitizer Wipes. I have made it possible to never need to wash anything or anyone. Yes! (And yes, I usually have all these wipes.)

  • Ofcourse my girls and BK. Because with all our quirkiness, they are just so much fun. (And If I don't mention them since I am a wife and mother, I become a bad one at both! But seriously, they are quirky. And fun!)

My daughters are a lot of awesomeness and they are also thumb-suckers. 

Lil O wasn't at first. Then her pediatrician happened to us (Doctors DO NOT always know the right thing for you!). When Lil O was adjusting to Day Care, her pediatrician recommended that she learn to self soothe and suck her thumb. So BK and I actively taught her to suck her thumb. She was 10 months old and she obliged. Well, some people have Xanax, she has her thumb. 

Now she is 2 years old and hasn't stopped. Lil A is already at it as well. 

We tried some stuff (I am ashamed to admit that they all failed because good parents obviously cannot fail). We tried putting some salt (which she loved and asked for more), bitter gourd (which she loved and asked for more), some other bitters (which she loved and asked for more), lemon juice (which she asked for more) and most recently ginger-garlic paste (which she loved and asked for more) on her thumb. 

Disclaimer: we put tiny diluted amounts so as to taint the wonderful and familiar taste of her thumb and not enough to be brutal or cruel. The tables turned because each time she asked for more. 

We tried bandaids with Dora on it, with Elmo on it... didn't work. She cried and BK can't stand tears. (I can't either but he is the weaker one).

So like any good parent, I googled it. The results were NOT GOOD, to say the least. 
By the time I read through Baby Center and other Parenting sites and then all the message forums, I was convinced to get every single anti-thumb sucking products and get to work. 

Unfortunately this is what I found. 
Oh my God! This is like a straight jacket for the thumb! There is no way that I was ever going to consider that. That's cruel. And look at the number of people who 'LIKE' it!

And oh my God, what is this for?
For the child who gives the middle finger a lot? Yes, wave instead. Terribly clever.

There were friendlier products too. 
These products woke me up. I don't care that it may have worked for so many. 

I also don't care for everyone (excluding family - because we are all in it together) who comments on Lil O's and Lil A's habit. Seriously, none of your business. 

I don't think I want to be paying for therapy on 'about that time when my mother stopped at nothing'. 

I read about so many women who sucked their thumbs till they were 7, 14, 44 (!) but all of their messages were the same. By fighting it, I am calling a toddler's attention to something and something that they hold dear at that. Maybe I should just ignore it, just like I ignore all the food O is hiding behind the couch. Either it will go away or it will become a non-invasive habit that is not seen, not harmful and not affecting anyone. If not, there is always therapy.  And all those aforementioned ladies, they turned out to be fine. Yes, including that 44 year old thumb-sucker. 

Best thing that came out of this, I know that I am not alone. The resounding message out there is positive reinforcement (O's new pediatrician confirms). If I kept her occupied and active which would mean less TV time for both of us, she wouldn't suck her thumb. If I read to her instead of tossing her  an interactive toy, she would point and read aloud and wouldn't suck her thumb. If I played Miss Mary Mack instead of giving her an iPad, we would have fun with our hands. And instead of therapy, I am putting money aside for braces, just in case. 

For every problem in parenting, there seems to be a fun solution for both the parent and the child. (Also notice that for every parenting problem, it always is the parents' problem ultimately!). 

Also I realized that I am a thumbsortasucker. You too BK. When we are at home, no matter what we are doing, our phone is always near by and being refreshed for new posts, messages, pings, pokes, mails, tweets, reminders, dings and dongs. It's crazy. We need to ease up on that habit too. Maybe we need lil O and A to help us keep our hands busy. Or get that straight jacket, the middle-finger one. 

Dear O and A, I am going to try to be obnoxiously hands on during your play time. You will thank me later. Forget about buck teeth, you need those little thumbs for when you turn into teenagers with iPhones. That much I know is true. 
On the very outset, let me just say that I LOVE THIS BOOK. I really do. I think it's funny and it meant well but then half way through writing it, the author realized that her audience is not at that age to receive its message and pandered. 

Lil O got this book as a gift on her 2nd birthday. She is much too young for it. I read it and I am much too young for it as well. I went from 'Neat' to 'Wait, what'? 

It starts out with the very popular lil piglet-girl Olivia (annoying TV series) pondering on her existence.

Like every 6 year old kids, Olivia is depressed! (I remember when my mom or dad explained what 'depressed' meant and I, all of 8/9 yrs old was depressed everyday from then on - depressed when I didn't get candy, depressed when yelled at, depressed at bedtime... it was ridiculous!)
This one was having an identity crisis!
Because she is and wants to be different from other little (not depressed) six year olds. 
The message is great so far. She wants to be different from all the little ballerinas and entitled princesses in the world. I so want to be teaching this message to my girls. I kept princesses out of lil O's life until one day Lil O wears a new dress and says, 'So cute, O is princess'. And I was so taken aback. You can try to keep the world out but you can't keep her from the world. Sigh!
Lil piglet-girl Olivia continues to ponder and differentiate. She sums up perfectly. 
Instead of a princess maybe she could aspire to be a nurse (why not a surgeon?), adopt orphans (pets too maybe?) or be a reporter to report on corporate malfeasance (I can't even say that word - is this book for kids at all?). Then she stops wondering because she has hit upon exactly what she should become to be different. 
Sigh! So much for that. Is this what is about to happen with me too? Am I going to give up trying to stop lil O and Lil A from fixating on the physical aspects (or assets) of Barbie dolls, American Girls dolls, Princesses in need of Charming guys to rescue them? 

When I wanted to buy lil O a doctor set, all I could find were sets in blue. Incidently blue is her current favorite color. Out of curiosity, I looked around some more for sets in purple or pink (though no one likes pink in our house except BK) and all I could find were tea cup sets and kitchen sets. Really? REALLY? 

Recently O went and grabbed a tool kit set and started hammering and sawing away. I was proud of her and had she asked for it, I would have said No because there is enough noise in my house. But the point is, she knows what to do with a hammer and saw. Or how to navigate a crane for that matter.
The same thing goes for little boys. If a little boy (or girl) grows up knowing what to do with an egg or Ox tongue, Yucca, Watermelon, Beets (thanks Chopped!), then that's a huge value add for them, not less, MORE. If a boy (and little girls) can clean and make beds and organize, then that's awesome and makes them smart. If a girl (or boy) can change her own light bulbs or fix a hole in the wall, that's great. In today's world, these are not just nice-to-haves, it has become a necessity to be Jack/Jill of all trades. 

Oh well. 

On another note look at lil O's reading corner. I wish I had one so cozy and inviting. 
What do you think about gender neutralized toys for all kids?
The Best Display I liked this Valentine's in Manhattan
I am not big on Valentine's but I have said that already and why

1. Best Valentines Day you’ve ever had.
I guess it will have to be the one after I proposed to BK and then we proceeded to not spend our first Valentine's Day (the actual day - Feb 14th, 2008) together! Instead I had such sinful fun with Tee, a turtle and my cousin. We also pigged out at our fav joint. Sigh! What a fun night, knowing we are hitched and yet on a girl's night out! 

2. Worst Valentines Day you’ve ever had.
I have no clue. All my single Valentine's were fun and b!tchy. My married ones were sweet. Nothing that I remember in between. 
And such over-priced flowers!
3. What do you plan on doing for Valentines this year?
For starters, I finally made that PB&J heart sandwich (that no one ate!) 
We had no date planned. We decided to commute home together. He came with a lovely rose for me... wait a minute! This one is for me, why are there 3 more remaining with you?
Then we picked up lil O, who also got a rose from her hero. 
She raced into his arms ..and was thrilled with her rose!
Then BK and I did a quick date...
This one is on you Starbucks!
We came home to lil A. 
Who still loves this Heart Balloon from her cousin Nate.
And I found that BK had flowers and goodies delivered. Sigh! (The long stems were for all the women in his life - his mom, his girls and his woman.)
4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single
Definitely something crazy. Wino, talking and music. And don't stay at home. I bet that's what I did every single Valentine's that I have had. Also my message for all -
5. Favorite Valentines Candy?
Are there candy/chocolates seasonal to Valentine's? I mean you have all the heart shaped or wrapped ones but is there a Pheromone chocolate or something? 

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood.
Ha! This has got to be when I was in 8th grade and got 8 Valentine cards. I had no clue who gave those to me - they were all anonymously sent by the little boys in class. Trust me guys, whoever you are - I didn't reply because I didn't know who sent them. Yes! I would have gone out with you - because going out only meant talking on the phone in the Middle-East. 
Share some love and comment with what you did this Valentine's while I leave you with what lil O and her toddler classmates made this Valentine's. 
Gosh, aren't you just all heart-ed out! How many hearts in this post? Click on all the links here to catch up on my Valentine's stories. 
No, not this one. 

This one.
Now this dates back to right before I proposed to BK

When I had decided that's what I wanted to do, I needed the right ring without busting my mattress open for my savings. And this was a spur of the moment plan with no years of planning or saving up. So where does a girl go to pick out a ring? 

I got Mummu Tee along. 
Me. (Check out that doll holding a doll!)
So promising myself that I wouldn't go over my budget and wouldn't buy anything for myself, we set out to the Diamond Hut Jewelry. After looking high and low for the ring , I settled for one that was a good runner up. I was getting the coldest feet ever. Mummu Tee decided to buy something at the Jewelry as well. So I took a break from ring hunting and decided to walk around the mall. (Seriously, Men have the easiest job of picking out a ring - pick the biggest, DONE!)

My 'walk' led me straight to another Jewelry Showroom. The jeweler over there - Mike (looks exactly like Jason Statham) was on 'salesman-steroids' that evening. I ended up telling him what I wanted, why I wanted it and when. He went for the kill (and overkill with his flattery and wishing there was a girl who would propose to him) and ended up showing me the perfect ring. The perfect ring which had BK written all over it. The problem was, it was way over my budget. And Mike just wouldn't stop with his sweet talking. 
Image: http://www.glasbergen.com/sales-cartoons/?nggpage=4
Meanwhile Tee kept calling me to close the deal at Diamond Hut. So I resisted Mike's charms and left. I ended up buying the first reasonable and affordable ring that I had picked out. 

Walking out, poorer and not very thrilled I told Tee that I found the ring but I can't buy it. I told her I will show it to her provided she promises not to like it, not to comment on it and not let me buy it. She promised. 

So we went over to the second Jewelry Showroom. Mike greets us like a vulture circling his walking dead carcass (but nicer). With great flourish, he displays the ring. Tee stands still for a second and then bursts out gushing and then in a whisper says, 'This is BK's ring'. We had a 'my precious...my precious' moment right there. 
Great! Try getting out of that one. My wing-woman turned. And Mike is doing a victory dance!
Image: Google
Turns out, for me it was this Ring experience after all
Elaine Benes' awesome dance! Image: Google images
So there I was standing with one diamond ring in my bag and another beckoning to me with it's gleaming eyes locked on mine and in between a hippity hoppity-ing Jeweler and Tee going Gollum on me.
I have no recollection of what happened after that. About 20 mins later, I was the proud and poor owner of 2 diamond rings for men. Atleast my wing-woman was thrilled to bits. 
And ofcourse BK loves his ring. He saw the other one and meh-ed it immediately. 

Moral of the story: Girls should never shop for diamonds with other girls. NEVER. But every girl should have a friend like Tee
Yes, precious!
Hope all of you are with exactly who you need to be with. 

I thank God for the love he has allowed me to have, share and cherish

To those whose duty, obligations, illness, circumstances, society's prejudice, work or other responsibilities are keeping you away from who you need to be with, know that you are not alone and that you are featured prominently in many prayers.   

To all kids everywhere, you are loved. 

Wishing all my readers love all year round. 

What is your wish for the world at large, this Valentine's (2013)? 
2008 was a leap year. That just worked out for me. 

It was a good year. I loved Manhattan and being a hop, skip and a path away from Manhattan, was just perfect. I was in love. With a city. With a man. 

BK (not Burger King at all) and I had decided to get married sometime that year and we were in no real hurry. My parents were eager to see me married, though. As with many children of Indian origin, marriages are less about life partners and living together, and least about love, it's about our parent's need to check off an item on their bucket list and check it off in style too. So the parents decided the dates based on convenience and the alignment of cosmic powers. 

One day, I overheard BK tell a friend that he didn't see the need for a formal proposal or ring because we were betrothed already and I did say yes. And our traditions include a public engagement and exchange of rings picked out by the parents (you know because we have to wear it for the rest of our lives so it makes perfect sense to have our parents pick ugly jewelry out). He said he didn't believe it was necessary. And when someone says they don't believe in something, my faith in it is renewed. 

So when he asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine's, the wheels in my head began to churn furiously. We decided to go out for dinner on Feb 13th, 2008 at The View, New York’s only revolving restaurant and bar. 
(both of us were busy on the 14th doing heaven knows what!)

The View, 48th floor of the Hotel Marriot Marquis.
I got all dolled up and I had a Valentine's gift like no other. We met after work and his jaw did drop (slightly atleast) when we checked in our coats and were ready to be seated. 

Once at our table, we talked some, ordered some wine and I was on. As the server left with our orders, I got up off my chair, went over to BK's side of the table, got down on both knees and proposed to the man (much like Monica to Chandler in F.R.I.E.N.D.S without the crying and candles).

You should have seen the look on BK's face. This time his jaw did hit the floor. And he kept saying, 'No No No... this is not how it is supposed to happen.. no..Oh my God'! 

Me: 'Ahem...on my knees here... so will you marry me'?

BK: 'We have invitations printing.'

Me: 'I know, that's why I am asking'. 

BK: 'You are not supposed to be asking'.

Me: 'It's a leap year. Women can ask. It's the 21st century, women can do anything.'

BK: 'Oh my God, Oh my God...'.

Me: 'I am on my knees'.

BK: 'Can I get a picture'?

Yes! He did take a pic! (And that's me on my knees)
BK: 'Yes, by the way. Awesome ring dude.'

Me: 'ehhh...can you help me up'?


So everyone's asked everyone...can we just get married now?
BK's plan all along had been to wait till I was leaving to India (where the wedding was to take place) and the day before either propose to me at the Yankees Baseball stadium or the Empire State Building. Sleepless in Seattle won and he did go down on one knee on the 102nd floor and ask me formally to marry him, 2 weeks before we were married. That's a funny story for another day. 

To this day he still accuses me of upstaging him. Booyah!