Sometimes unfortunate things happen. Sometimes people help you fix them. Sometimes you rise above it or you learn from it. 

Something unfortunate happened, folks helped to ensure it doesn't happen again and I learned something very important through this. 

Lil O caught a cough and some congestion a while back. We were prescribed an inhalation medication, which I duly picked up from our closest pharmacy in Sept 2012. We began administering that medication in her nebulizer. One week later, her cough did not let up. For no particular reason, I took a look at the medication box and to my horror found that the medication had expired as of Feb 2012. Yet it had been sold to us by the pharmacist in Sept 2012. 
Ofcourse, the pharmacy did make up for the error (they too took the matter as gravely as I did) and I do believe it was an unfortunate oversight. Nevertheless, it put my hapless toddler under considerable health risk. Thank God alone that the expired medication was rendered ineffective and not harmful.

The questions that beats me up though were:
  1. What if it had been harmful? 
  2. As a parent who is ultimately responsible for her child, why did I not look at the expiration of all medication that I administer to my child?
  3. Why didn't the pharmacist look at the obvious date on the box?
  4. How many children are currently using the same product from the lot that I was sold?

I am asking you to please monitor the dates on all your children's medication/children's food and supplements. We are all human and can make a mistake (costly or otherwise) - parent, doctor, teacher, caregiver, pharmacist etc all alike.
My daughter was a champ and she recovered well.

Disclaimer: I still shop with that pharmacy for all our medication. The team at the pharmacy spent an afternoon going through the inventory of that particular medication and concluded that it was just that one box that they had and unfortunately sold to me. They replaced the medication immediately and gave me a little something to placate my frayed nerves. 

I have withheld the name of the pharmacy because mistakes happen and I am sharing God's Grace that nothing happened to my lil O with that pharmacist who would have otherwise tainted his record or lost his job. 
One night O is listening to this version of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' subjecting BK and me to it as well. 
BK: 'So this sheep knows a boy from L.A.'?
Me: 'What?'
BK: 'The knows someone in L.A.'?
Me: 'Don't you like this rhyme'?
BK: ' it goes One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives in L.A., right?'
Me, laughing pretty hard: 'One for my master, One for the dame and One for the little boy who lives down the lane'!!

I was scolding lil O about tossing her food on the floor and was listing all the things she was going to forfeit.
Me: 'No Max and Ruby, No Yo Gabba Gabba, No Band, No Barney, No...'
O: 'Mama, you smelly'.
Me: 'What? What do you mean'? *smelling armpits, smelling my shirt* 'What do you mean...where am I smelly?' *sniffing all over* .."Is it my mouth?'..
O sits there grinning, having successfully gotten me over her case. 
Me: 'Darn whatever you want'.

I was bathing lil O last night and I was singing 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush - This is the way we wash our hands'. I would sing each body part while washing her down. 
Me: 'This is the way we wash our belly, wash our belly, wash our...'.
O: 'Mama, you Biiiigggg Belly'
Me, tossing her baby sponge into the water: 'Bathe yourself kid.'

This is one of my favorite pics. We decided on a family photo shoot with Venture Photography to celebrate lil A. But lil O decided that she was having nothing to do with it. She ran away, sulked, pouted (not in the cute way at all), cried and basically acted like a natural diva. At one point, in order to chase her I took my shoes off and she started playing with them. Our photographer and his keen eye caught these. 

As I was looking at this picture over and over again, a thought began taking shape and then came the cold sweat. 

I know the exact moment when I realized in utter shock and bewilderment that I am slowly becoming my mom. Lil O was giving me a hard time with eating. And frustrated I snapped and said, 'Fine then, don't eat, just throw it in the garbage.' And that very instance, my eyes glazed over and my mom looked at me with a big goofy grin. Several things were happening. In my mind's ear, I heard those exact words being uttered so many times, in desperate frustration by my then-working-mom. My mom had that very same flashback. Then I felt a dip in the pit of my stomach as my mom felt avenged. Lil O sat there with her pout staring at both her mom and grandma, clueless and adorable. 

Turning into your mother is not a bad thing except that would mean I am no longer the child and I am old. I know I had growing pains as a child, a preteen, a teen, an adolescent... practically every phase of growing up. Each time I would swear that my arch enemy - my parents ofcourse would pay. And the sweetest form of revenge was showing them how it truly was done. Little did I know that my parents were plotting the same course for me and they just won. I can recall several occasions where I promised myself that I would do things differently and be a cool parent and be laid back and nicer and a real best friend forever to my kids. Now that I am here, I am just like my mom. Sigh! 

I am quickly realizing that parenting is not just instilling in them good values, teaching them things or shoving food down their throat one way or the other. It calls upon me the need to be a better person. My kids are constantly watching me like the CIA, like hawks and they are waiting for me to say 'Sh!t' that one time and learn just that. When I look at my mom, I see the hardworking, honest, conservative Indian parent from the 80s. That is great. 

But when O looks back, what is she going to see? That her mom pushes off any work that can be done tomorrow to just that - tomorrow. She sees me in sweats stuffing my face with Cheetos and chocolates while telling her that chocolates are nasty and Cheetos are yucky. She sees me snapping and tries to make me laugh. She sees me ordering instead of cooking like my mom did. But I also hope she sees some of the nice things I try to do, for her, for her father and for someone else. I hope she sees that I try to be honest and that I think it's very important in life. I hope she sees that I am funny and fun to hang out with once in a while... yes, even when she is a teenager. I hope she sees how I watch out for my sisters and someday she will want to watch out for lil A. I hope she sees me as an independent woman who can change a light bulb. A mother who wields her womanhood as a shield and not a weapon, who is empowered by her femininity and not made a victim by it. I hope she sees that a little drama and tears go a long way than silently suffering. I hope she sees that I found an awesome man in her father and I was never ever, ever mean to him. 

Maybe someday lil O is going to look at her child and say, 'Stop it or else I will throw all your stuff in the garbage'! And she is going to recoil and think that she is slowly and steadily becoming me. Honestly I don't want that for her. I know she can be better and so much more. But if she does find herself at that point, I hope she shrugs and says 'Yeah, this child has way too many toys - off to the garbage with you!'.

I am sure my mother wanted me to be much more and I hope she thinks that I have tried to use everything she provided me with to learn, to grow and to walk in her shoes for some phases in life. And to buy more shoes and wear them in a way that makes her proud (figuratively too).

So when I look at lil O (eventually lil A as well) trying to walk in my shoes, I am wishing that she makes her own footprints, her own paths and her own destiny. 

And in the meanwhile 'hey lil O, I hope you like my shoes. Now get out of them, those are new and it's mine'!
Mexico, 2010. (No, my feet are NOT fat - just pregnant!)
BK is awesome. Being married to someone like BK, incredible. If I wish on someone 'May you find someone like BK and a marriage like ours' - I am being super magnanimous (super!). 

Marrying BK is one of the best things that happened to me. Others include Nutella, the kids, Hello Panda biscuits, fresh Sugar Deo, The Office and sweatpants. But surely it tops the list.

Living together – hahahahaha (enough said).

We are a fun bunch of shenanigans – that right there is a rocking boat, precariously balanced on an ocean of unwashed dishes and piled laundry.

Let’s put this nicely – if we formed a band, we’d be called ‘Fought over lyrics; forgot tune’. If we named our house, it would be called ‘Toxic Landfill except if you are bringing food’. If we had an animal, it would be dead (that goes for a Goldfish too). As a couple – it would have to be ‘Lazy Crazy Duo’.

Needless to say, we complement each other beautifully by bringing all levels of drama into ordinary living.

“Hey Bebu, let me do the laundry for once”, said he never to no one. 

“Hey babe, for the 20th time (literally – yes, I count and keep score), please fix the fire alarm”, nagged she really loud even though she knows it just needs new batteries.

“Hey Bebu, let me pick up those socks which are clearly lying on the floor in plain sight… right there… and has been for the past 3 days…”, said he in his mind and dismissed it promptly.

“Hey babe, let me get you some coffee”, said she and proceeded to read some random blog and bitch about it for an hour. Coffee – forgotten.

“Hey Bebu, let me clean up every single counter space in the kitchen that I have ruined with my cooking of this single dish. Also let me wash literally every piece of utensil that we own since I used them all in my cooking of this single dish”, said he never ever.

“Hey babe, I love this dish – freaking awesome. Let’s never share this recipe with anyone. And even if we do, let’s just point to some random site and also let’s skip an ingredient or two” said she, all the time to him but it doesn't matter since he doesn't know what went into the dish anyways.

“Hey Bebu, where are the light bulbs kept?” 
“Hey Bebu, where are the beer mugs?”
“Hey Bebu, where are lil A’s diapers?”
“Hey Bebu, where is the formula?”
“Hey Bebu, where are my clothes?”
“Hey Bebu, where is the tape?”
“Hey Bebu, where is the air freshner?”, asks the guy who apparently lives in this house for the past whole year and still doesn't know where things are.

“Hey babe, what time is it in India?” ask she interrupting a phone call because calculating time difference is clearly an engineering expertise.

“Hey Bebu, where is the checkbook?”, asks he to the conniving her because she moves it every time due to his constant check writing.

“Hey babe, why can’t you pick up your phone – I called 30 times (yes, again with the counting!)”, said she practically every time he leaves the house.

“Hey Bebu. My phone is on vibrate because clearly I feel more than I hear”, said he but quickly realizing that he obviously is not good with his feelings or hearing.

“Hey babe, when I say it, it makes sense but when you say it, it’s mean”, said she to a puzzled him.

“Hey Bebu, let me make sure that I stop snoring and share the comforter with you while we sleep”, said he never.

“Hey babe, do not walk away when I am talking to you very loudly. I am comfortable here and can’t get up to follow you and I am not yelling”, said she to a zoned out him.

“Hey Bebu, I will not be balancing the last trash on the pile in the trash can but instead will be taking out the trash and promptly rebagging the bin”, said he never.

“Hey babe, why did you not anticipate that I would have forgotten?” said she to a zoned out him.

“Hey babe, how does it take you 3 hours to grocery shop?”, said the never-grocery-shops she to him who just returned from 4 different stores because she always makes these random lists

“Hey babe, let’s watch the game together after I make you some wings” said she but followed it up “Hey babe, but not now”.

“Hey babe, how can YOU forget?” said she to a zoned out him because clearly he cannot have anything else but pending chores on his mind.

By now you have noticed that I am the only one talking. And also that he walks around the house zoned out most of the time.

So here’s my final take on marriage – yes, I rather sweat all the small stuff. Because I am glad we just have plenty of these small stuff over any ONE big stuff. And heaven forbid, a big stuff comes my way, I do not want to sweat it but remain calm, keep communication open, be honest, give the benefit of doubt and deal with things head on. 
Hopefully never but until then ‘Hey babe, you need to throw out all the near empty body wash bottles in the shower before you open a new one’.
Because that’s how we roll! And yes, we are knifing crazies at my nook of the world. 

I have been blessed beyond words with friends for every meandering walk and season of life. And I think we do not appreciate them often or enough and often enough! 

So like true friends do, I want to let them all know how much I appreciate them. I will do so by embarrassing them. 

This series of posts is going to be full of inside jokes and references that will not make any sense to anyone but that friend I am talking about. 

My first friend ever is Min. I have a sneaky feeling that she taught me how to be a friend. 
She is terrific. She loves Dora ‘Bore’berts (I can see the fire in your eyes from here!) and Ferrero Rocher more than she loves me. And when I die, she won’t cry for me. I am fine with that because I have to be; she knows all of my deepest and coldest secrets. If she talks, then I have to call one of you to move a dead body. I don’t think I would have been able to go through life without her. And it breaks me bit by bit to be living so far from her. 

She is my most sanest friend ever and when she takes a break and goes insane - she can totally bring it!
Under 4 years of age and thick as thieves.
I remember just before both of us packed our bags to move countries and go to college, in one of our midnight conversations, Min said, 'You know, we probably would not have even been friends had we not been related'. 
My mom being Godmother to lil Min

At that time, I kept thinking about it and I couldn't come up with something that says that's not true. Years later when I met BK and was moving countries again, I realized that it was never true. God had a plan when he wrote out those crazy (read CRAZY!) situations in my life - and his plan included Min getting me through it all. I am hoping I made a small ripple in her life too. He would have tossed Min into my friend's bucket had he not placed her in my family tree. This much I know. 

Mins, as life unwinds further for us, kids and all, I just hope I can be to you as much as you have meant and been to me. 

I love you.
10th grade - out of braces, into notions of high-fashion and thicker than thieves
PS: seriously dude, you need to cry at my graveside. All my friends will be like 'Look, Min is not crying, she is binging on Ferrero Rocher, so let's not cry either' (I can so hear Mummu Tee say this). And before you know it - it's one big party and I am rotting underground. 
That's right - they do not. Not one
That is because in my ship which is run by an iron-hand, we have no rules left standing. (Psst... iron hand belongs to the 2 year old).
(And here you can commence judging my parenting skills)

I recently read a post someplace, where a mother said that she was breaking every rule in her book by allowing her child to have his dinner in front of the TV, on the couch! And several mommies sympathized with her, scolded her, judged her and said many things, some of which included 'Control yourself'; 'What are you drinking'?; 'Your child will be a terrorist'. 

They will have a field day with me!

My 2 year old won't eat (jokes on her - when she gets to my age, that's all she would want to do without getting fat!). And no, we never have sit down, 'let-ask-each-other-about-our-day' dinners. BK and I sit at the table, at either ends so that we can face the TV. At no point, do we even look at our plates let alone at each other's face. Actually she won't go to her room or get on her bed to sleep. She sleeps whenever (way past the acceptable bedtime) on the couch, in front of the TV. 

Another thing that she does - she runs around in church (also at stores, doc's offices, every office, any and everywhere) and when everyone is quiet and contemplating - she will yell 'Wherrr you doing oveerrr therrrre Dada?'. 
Lil O tells her cousin 'Come lil N, run, run'. He says 'No! Look at Appacha (grandpa)'. They take a break to watch their Grandpa. Such a heartwarming moment.
So what did I teach my toddler - nothing much. What did she learn? that in the absences of rules (actually even with rules), set your own. She runs all around the living space and pretends to eat - all the while watching TV. Yes, treat this as a confessional. Does she have her own chair(s) and table? YES! Does she have a seat at the table? YES! Do I want to wrestle her to the table and have her toss her food all over the place? NO! Do I want to battle her, encounter the yelling and tears so that she eats her paltry morsels? NO! 

She eats whatever she wants, whenever she wants and whereever she wants. Yes, she is a terrorist. And I, a lowly accomplice. The antics I employ to get her to eat are found in several of the parenting books - in the section where it says 'DO NOT DO THIS'! 

Now let me tell you this as well - Lil O does not hit or bite kids in her class or anywhere. She fetches her sister's diaper when I sit down to change lil A; before I can tell her, she throws away dirty diapers; if ever she sees an open cabinet or drawer, she will drop everything she is doing including watching her favorite shows to run and shut it; when BK and I pretend-fight physically to elicit a response, she takes one of our sides and rubs away our boo-boo. She will say 'P(l)eeeeesseeee' and 'Tttank Quu' with a huge smile. 
If she sees lil A crying, she will come and say 'Chakkareee (sweets), no cry, O-chechi here'. She makes lil A laugh and when A is all laughed out, she will stop, wait and tell lil A - 'Laugh, Laugh, look at O-chechi, Laugh'. 
When you sneeze, she will come running to say 'Bleeehhhssss you Dada, Blessss you'. 
When I am running late and rushing them to daycare, while driving out, she will remind me, 'Mama, pray' and then we pray and she will say 'Ammmeeeeen. Lil A, sayyy Ammmeeeeeeen'.
Yes, she is perfect. 

I am not going to bully her into sitting at the table or eat her greens or drink her milk or stop running around. Yes, I do want her to do all that but I am not going to sweat it. There are kids who do all of these sweet things and sit at the table - mine do not. You know what? We have so much more fun this way! I am ok with that. As long as she behaves with people around her, I am fine. 

What do you 'not' sweat out with the little ones?
Dr. O working on Lil A, who is trying to pull a Houdini
Yes, kids say the darnest things. 

I had a pregnancy related remnant backache that just wouldn't go away. I put on one of those heat pads that straps around your waist. So lil O comes into the room while I was doing something and when my shirt rode up, she sees the white heat pad peaking out around my waist. 
She asks, 'What this, Mama?'
Me: 'Mama's back hurts, boo boo. This is like medicine'
O, sympathetically: 'Paining? Boo Boo?'
Me *gleeful that atleast my 2 year old is lending all her sympathy* 'Yes baby, paining'.
O: 'Hahaha.. Mama wearing diaper. No boo boo. Diaper. Diaper. Diaper'!!

I think she kept chanting that for about 30 mins. I wanted to wrap that heat pad around my head instead. 

Another day, another time, same lil O. 

I am trying to potty train this lil girl. So like all the Gods of Motherhood has spoken through the Holy Grail of books, I too showed her how to go to the bathroom. Showed how to wipe, wash hands, towel dry. 
She abandoned it promptly and completely because 'Mama, put butt cream*...noooooo, Mama no put butt creammmmmm, don't want it'. 

(*That's diaper rash cream for those lucky folks that do not know. And she said 'Kundi Cream' for my Malayalee friends out there!)

Do share the crazy things your kids say. Post them here and grin. 

Pepsi Special    

Courtesy: Time
I was never a soda person. No thanks to BK but I have had more soda since we got married than ever! 

But this Pepsi takes the cake. “Pepsi Special,” the new drink distributed by Pepsi’s partner in Japan, Suntory Holdings Limited, contains dextrin, a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and is found in fiber supplements such as Benefiber. Say What

I can drink Pepsi and it's good for me? Awesome! How soon can we have Multi-grain Cheetos and Protein Bar Twinkies? Read more about Pepsi Special here.

Moisturizing Jeans

Courtesy: Wrangler
I don't know why on earth did Anderson Cooper (who by the way, never washes his jeans - yes, it's true) put this on his RidicuList. This is awesome. 

Wrangler's Denim Spa collection will feature "moistuizing and slimming ingredients" that will protect skin from the "dehydrating effects" of denim. Say What?
Ah, now I know why I am fat. Fat and Thirsty. 

This is perfect. I never have to slap on any moisturizer ever again. Or get out of jeans. Which I will never wash because Anderson Cooper is so cool. Ok, wrangler, get to work on 'cleansing jeans' that will clean the person wearing it. 

Read more about where you can get your Wrangler Denim Spa moisturizing jeans right here.  

Art, E.Coli Style

Courtesy: Daily Mail
Why haven't I heard of this until lately? Further I do not know why I don't have one of these 'infected arts' for every wall in our house. 

Zachary Copfer developed the technique, which he dubs 'bacteriography', using photographs of famous faces such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and telescopic images of the Milky Way.

It works by casting a shadow on an E.coli Petri dish and then exposing it to radiation. Say What? Sounds very safe! Yes, please do read more about this level of creativity here

Quantum Scale

Now this I love. 

This is a weighing scale that doesn't weigh you at all. Say What? Oh, where have you been all my adult life?

This scale tells you if you have lost or gained weight. It will remember your weight each time you weigh in and keep track for you. So instead of getting hung up on the numbers all the time, you will know if you are moving in the right direction or not. Awesome. I will buy this if someone promises me that they will not incorporate any sarcasm or wit into its processor. I do not want Quantum Scale snickering when I get on, one day. 
Read all about the Quantum Scale from Dr Oz himself here

Emergency.. Compliments

I think this is funny and fun too. If you are bummed and need a boost. Then go to Emergency Compliment at It will give you a dose of compliment that should make your day. Say What

Try it out. It told me that I make amazing Cereal. Yay, I am so ecstatic right now. *rolling eyes but grinning*

It's fun. 

Go on ahead now and 'Say What' me. 
Here's to the New Year!
I miss this. 2012-I did a theme of 'All Red and Warm'.
I can't believe that the 'New Year' tag given to every year when it arrives, has already expired for 2013! We are past 2 weeks into the year already. 

For me, the newness of the year ends with the bringing down of our Christmas tree. That happened last weekend. So now the past 2012 is firmly in the past and seems like a long time ago. The been-awhile has set in for 2012. The dust has settled on our rush into 2013. The hangover of the cross-over has lifted. Life has resumed as though nothing changed. All that excitement, resolution making, vowing to be a better you, starting afresh has all abated. Routine has taken over. 

I think this is the best time to make some resolutions. Now is the time to make some plans - when we are not anxious to fix everything in the new year; when we are not merely excited to start afresh; when the eager hope of a new year is not playing with our minds; when the anxiety that time is slipping has gone; when the adrenaline has stopped its rushing. Now is it!

Every resolution or bucket list or big plans should have a few elements - there should be something in it for you, something in it for your dear ones, something for security (career, money), something with your assets (house, car, boat), something with improving, something with breaking loose. Of course you define this too. 

I am not making a time bound list or a deadline oriented plan. I want to have some notions of 'what a successful year' should look like for me. If I can make any headway with some of these, 2013 will be awesome. 

Machu Pichu, Peru (pic from Wiki)
  • Something for us: This year is a big year. BK and I hit 5 years of being married. So it would be in his best interest to make my Peru plans work. I think this year we need to get more real in the business of marriage and who we are. I think we have had all the children we want (or rather we can handle). Unless a happy oops happens like the last time! So this year, we need to begin to figure out who we really are, have we started everything we consider is 'the rest of our lives', are we in a good place with our finances, do we want to own a business or a dog or another diamond ring...(just putting it out there). 
2008: The day after we were married.
  • Something with money: Finances, finances, finances. I have always been on top of finances but just barely. Barely as in hanging on one hand off a cliff but knowing that I won't fall off. Not good enough because I like to be the woman on top. By the end of the year, I should hit my target savings, target investments and target retirement plan. Or I should win the jackpot lottery. Eitherways, I am going to start thinking about this with LearnVest
  • Something for me: I always wanted to start a blog. And that was the first thing that I knocked off this year. But I never thought about readership, traffic or going anywhere with it. Maybe I should. I am beginning to see blogger snobs and I definitely do not want to go there. 
  • Something for me: I definitely want to lose some weight. I wrote down my current weight with the date on my phone. It didn't look right, so I knocked off some harmless numbers. So my target is to get to the weight that I have written down. Never-mind the target. But above the numbers, I just want to eat a little healthier because when you are in your 30s, your health is what it is going to be for the rest of your life. 
  • Something for the kids: I want to do some crafty stuff. I have several ideas but I need to roll up my sleeves and actually get to it. I dusted off my new sewing machine (my friends kept laughing picturing me behind a sewing machine - yeah, laugh away. When I am making my own underwear someday, it wouldn't be that funny anymore. Hmm...maybe it will). But I want to do more hands-on activities and get creative. 
  • Something for him: I definitely want to cook more. Definitely. Maybe.
  • Something for him: BK loves to take pictures. He wants to take great pictures that are different. So maybe I can help him? I have to think this through. He is also morbid because he loves studying and certifying himself in endless things to do with his career. He has been preparing and shrugging off several courses and I need to step his game up. Maybe some day he will thank me just like how I am thanking my parents for kicking my a$$ to study harder (yeah, Big rush to thank them! Bah!). Bottom line is - bring out the best in him. (feed for hallmark)
This is my current fav pic that BK took.
  • Something for the kids: I need to do more than just throw money at toys and books for the girls. Reading is a big deal at our home but what's next? That's why I need to do more crafts. I got lil O to help me bake a cake - she licked the spatula clean. That's a great start. Maybe we can make a canvas painting for our wall (in her room). Maybe do some volunteer work with them or turn 'Waste into Art'. Or maybe let's just rely on Kiwi Crate
Penguins friends from our Kiwi Crate
  • Something for me: I want to write a children's book. A board book, maybe a series. Not because there is a gap or some space in the current story wonderland. There just isn't. Every time I read a board book for a toddler, I instantly connect and think that I could have written this. And I have written some simplistic things for kids before. I used to make cards with a narrative for my fav cousins. I want to tap into that and if nothing else, just create something for my girls. 
  • Something for our home: There are endless things that I need to do around this house. Endless. Sigh! Just thinking about it has my mind putting on its sweatpants, grabbing a bag of cheetos and curling into bed. But I want to do (as a DIY project) some of these things this year: back-splashing my kitchen wall or building cabinets for our baths, declutter and work on our current storage. (When I say 'I want' or 'DIY' - I use them very loosely, I mean 'BK has to' mostly.) 

Whatever I figure out and learn anew with these general, not time bound things to do, I will of course share. If it makes sense, you share it forward too, so that I can send the little I know all across the world and spread my dominance and mind control and take over the world! 
Google Images
Why don't you settle down and put some plans down, scratch off your resolutions with lofty ambitions and make manageable ones? Take a look at the big picture and paint yourself in? This is the perfect time. The Year Past is gone. The Year Present is already gathering momentum. 
And we have so much more to do in the Years Ahead. 
Happy 2013!
Happy 2013!
(Share your plans/resolutions here, I would love to borrow some great ideas)
It's not Sunday but I am fashionably being Late!
I am new to the way these link-up posts work. I may need to invest time to figure this out since it's know... rocket science! 

I really like the name of this Blog - A Complete Waste of Make Up. Some of my days are exactly like that. For instance today - Today my lil ones went to their daycare after weeks and weeks of being at home. And I thought it was going to be extra hard so I enlisted BK to help and drew strength from 'Look Good, Feel Good' mantra. But as it turns out - both the girls did great (Bless their hearts!) and I got to work (after weeks and weeks of staycation) and lots of folks are either working from home or too busy to notice. What a waste of make up! 

And I came across ACWofMu because I started following Ramblings of a Suburban Mom recently. 

So here's answering the Qs from ACWofMu (Neely, do forgive me for acronymizing your lovely blog!)

Let's get Acquainted:

1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging? 
indigoandviolet is our name and feeling (I say our because I am channeling people and my family)
I started blogging several times but I abandoned ship each time. I had a blog in my name on Yahoo's 360 degrees (I think). Then I had another one on blogspot called 'Just Saying' because you know I am always rolling my eyes and just saying! Then I had a few others between the years 2005-2007. So this is a fresh and invested start for me. I began here on Dec 27th and went live on Jan 4th, 2013. A very late aged bloomer. 

2. Why do you blog? 
Well, I have a confession. I found my mom's journal long time ago which she started in the 1980s and she had so many things in there. It was a daily personal diary. I snuck a peek (a good long one - Yes, I am evil that way! disclaimer: I only read it because my belief then was Moms CANNOT have secrets from their kids! Hahahaha *tears* - yeah right!) and couldn't imagine that moms had personal feelings than the one they showed. I didn't even know that it was allowed. I didn't think my mom thought things were stupid or worse - that people were stupid. So when I saw some of her entries - I went to her and confronted her. She shrugged me off (esp when I asked her why she called me stupid!). And I asked her to leave the journals to me when she no longer wanted it. 
In the same spirit, I am leaving all this here for my girls. Maybe someday they will know that I really cleaned their poop and washed their butts and cooked their food and it was not some myth. 
Also it's fun.  

3. What is the first blog you ever followed? 
I have no clue. I read so many... but never followed any diligently - I wish I had. I am only better off for it. 

4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2012? 
Well, I like my pregnancy rant. (Boy, can I rant!)

5. What are your blogging goals for 2013? 
I hope I reach a whole lot of people, touch some in some way (except physical) and be heard. And I want to have fun doing it. I also want to inspire some of my friends who are amazing writers or thinkers and are funny and batsh!t crazy to start blogging. 

6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow? 
I am not going to stop at 3 - Sorry. 
I really like The Bloggess - she is hilarious. 
I like Praline
I follow Love. Light, Laughter and Chocolate
I started following Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and A Complete Waste of Make up
I know there are more but I am not listing all of it. I will eventually be mentioning some wonderful ladies that the world should just allow center-stage! 

Now you go. 
If you do not blog, leave me a comment either ways and tell me what you would call your blog, if you ever ever ever do.