A true gem. 
I chased my heart to New York years ago. I found it and I also found something precious. Mummu Tee. 

Sigh! If there is one thing I truly miss about being single, it was the time I lived with Mummu Tee. We lived like a couple of weirdos. Truly.
Now Tee here thinks she is gangsta’. She can give you the mean looks and rant and rave. But when she opens her mouth, 


Don’t get me wrong… hmm, yeah, get me wrong. She has the softest heart and the most forgiving nature I have ever seen. There are times when I felt I needed to take a baseball bat to some people’s knee for giving her a hard time. 

If I tell a joke, she will ‘over’ it in a flash of the minute. *rolling eyes*

Hadn’t it been for BK and Mummu Tee, I would have hated my new life here in US of A. 

Her cooking is just as amazing as her. Some of the dishes she puts together, I thought can never be made. For that matter, I think nothing should ever be made – just ordered. 

To this day I wonder what she would have done had it not been me that night at Journal Square. Absolutely nothing. I am sure she is saying ‘Karate chop the a$$ down’. Yeah sure, I believe you. By the way, I know you do not read my posts because I dropped a feeler earlier and you never bit. 

Oh Tee, I am glad I see some remote signs of our daughters being BFFs. They have to, what else will they do for years on out, when we are sipping wine and chattering away. Years ago around this time of the year (Valentines), you let the turtle have some beer. I hear there is still a homeless bum drunken turtle chasing girls at Central Park. 

I can't tell you enough how awesome you are. I totally heart you. 

PS: I am so thrilled to have a place to go now after I say the last word in an argument with BK. Shout out to my 'bestest frienD'.

PPS: I still need the pictured baby!
02/01/2013 8:13pm

I love that you have the Starbucks Target clearance mug!!

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02/01/2013 9:03pm

Jennifer, I got that from your Target Posts. I bought it for $22 and enjoyed my free coffee almost every other day. And I love the tumbler! I did post on your blog that I got it and I love it. Thanks for coming by. I feel precious!


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