Hitting a good or bad milestone in your personal life is always a good thing. You grow as a person and you are forced to mature enough to handle the other half. 

Growing together in the last 5 years, I realized that each of us picked our own paces, grew in the direction that we most wanted and yet we stay rooted together. I did not lose my individuality. Yes, I am known to many of BK's friends as his wife and yet amongst them, there are many who know me for me. All my friends love BK and my family...well, they have come out and said that they love him more than they love me. Sigh! 

I marvel at life and it's randomness in making the most profound things happen, ever so casually. I met BK by chance and at that time I fully thought that there was no way I would ever marry this guy. What if it had not been? But you know, it was meant to be. 

We had friends over on the morning of our big day, great food and our kids were slightly sick and it was a cold and rainy day. And I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. The ups and downs of life manifested.  

We decided on a steak wine and dine that night and we took our kids along. Half way through the starters, feeling thrilled that O ate plenty, we dared to relax. Just then O threw up right in the center of the restaurant, where we were seated. She threw up things she ate couple of days earlier, it was a mother of all throw-ups. When the projectile throwing up ended, we packed up our steaks and headed home. After the girls went to sleep and puke stains washed off, we ate our cold steak alone amidst laughter and stories of our girls. 

But undeterred, we decided to try again the very next day. And this time, half way through our starters, Lil A throws up where we were seated and I made a mad dash to the ladies room with her and she kept throwing up all the way over. The best thing was I managed to keep the puke off her and my clothes. WIN!

This time, we shrugged and continued eating. 

Yes, I wouldn't change a thing. Life happens irrespective of all the milestones it brings us. This day, we were surrounded by friends and family. Blessing aplenty. 

Cheers to life and the people in it. 

06/03/2013 7:21am

omg!! what an anniversary celebration!! :) kids, i tell u, they r in cahoots with somebody to throw us a curve ball just when we relax and plan something fun for ourselves... God bless u guys with many many fun filled years ahead! looking fwd to many more such milestones...

06/06/2013 8:29pm

I totally agree. Oh well...
Thank you sweets!


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