In a few days, I will get an expensive gift. 

In a few days, BK and I will hit a small milestone in our journey together. 5 years of staying married, of surviving with each other and despite each other. For good, great or bad, we made 5 years worth of memories. 

We learnt a lot too. 

10 things I learnt in the last 5 years courtesy BK

  1. Pick your battles. The war goes on forever. 
  2. Bodily functions are just that. They may look yucky, sound funny and definitely smell terrible but they do not define a person. Just what he ate that morning. 
  3. Hide your flaws in his imperfections. Embrace both. 
  4. Conventions and stereotypes have no place in your marriage. Define your own terms. He cooks; she fixes. He does the math; she shops. He takes pictures; she balances the checkbook. It's all good. 
  5. Park your arguments and present an united front to your common frenemy - your sly children. 
  6. After the kids come along and there's been plenty of loud crying - your tears are not going to stand a chance in melting any hearts. Don't bother. 
  7. There is no HIS' and HER'S... whoever get's there first and whoever blinks first is what matters. 
  8. No matter what, the other person's side of the bed is cooler, softer and more comfortable. 
  9. Don't keep tabs on anything. Tabs just show that it's still countable and not countless. 
  10. Let's face it - after a closet full of clothes, she still has nothing to wear and just about every sport in the world is riveting to him. 
Bonus Point: At the end of every day and every hurdle, you love him and he loves you and together you guys love beer. So Cheers!

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05/21/2013 12:10pm

happy 5!! hope there's plenty of happiness to come.. :D

05/21/2013 2:40pm

Thank you sweets!

05/21/2013 12:28pm

I just love how you summarized up your five years! Very true! Celebrate your day! My fifth anniversary gift to him was lying on the table giving birth to our 9lb son! Dnt think it can ever get more memorable. Cherish every day and yes our tears don't melt them after the kids come by!

05/21/2013 2:41pm

Wow! That's an awesome gift.
Thank you and Cheers to you and may you too have many more (kids and anniversaries)!

05/21/2013 3:53pm

Congrats. Very nicely summarized... Wishing you many many more

05/23/2013 12:16pm

Thank you!


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