I don’t have a little boy child to bring up but if I did, I can only imagine this is what I will have to say. I also want you to know that all children are children first and all people are human first – so 51 Life Tips for my Daughters applies to all children, you can ignore the ones that talk about makeup though, unless you like makeup. 
1. You are searching for something on Google and it bought you here. Great - you are doing well already. You sought for help when you needed it and that’s the first thing to learn in life.

2. Don’t worry too much about leaving the toilet seat down. There is too much noise about this. We women can put it down before we go. And if you did, thank you.

3. When you are at a door and have opened it, it is heartwarming to see you let the person behind you out first and then walk through it yourself. This is good only for doors. Opportunities are a different thing.

4. Be polite, you never know who is watching you and why.

5. Your mother threw all caution away and fell in love with your father. She is always cautious with the doors to her heart. You were the next man, when you stomped through and stole her heart. Do not break it.

6. I will let you in on a secret. Most women bring in a little drama with them. Indulge us and we will leave you alone.

7. Don’t break a girl’s heart cruelly. Do it honestly, gently but firmly. Only cowards are brutal.

8. Never ever, ever ruin a girl’s reputation. The karma around that is too much burden for you to bear.

9. Revenge is overrated. Have you seen someone overtake you with a snide look only to slip and fall? I have and it’s such pure ecstasy and I couldn’t have done it better.

10. If you see women only as a pair of assets, they will see you as an open wallet or worse as a service bull. And just so that you know, we compare all services.
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11. It is not that hard to understand relationships. You do get sports, right? It’s the same thing. You win when you play hard. When you win, you have the need to take your shirt off and act primate. When you lose, you sulk for a little but the season is not over. Either ways you drink. You anticipate the other team’s moves; you act proactively or react appropriately. If you bring any unnecessary roughness, bullying or crap to the field, you are out. You always play fair. It’s that simple. And women know it, they love their sports too. 

12. We can open our own jars, change our tires and reach for top shelves. We are letting you do it to show you that we appreciate your strength, your effort and we love that you are there for us to depend on. 

13. Pull your pants up kid. It is not cool any which way you look at it. 

14. Piercings and tattoos are neat only for a while. When your skin is saggy and wrinkly or stretched out over your beer belly, everything will read ‘I am stupid’. Unless it reads your children’s names. 

15. Learn a sport that you play while sitting; learn a sport that you play running; learn a sport that you play with your mind; learn a sport that you play with your strength of body and will. You need all these to get you through life. 

16. It rocks if you can make music. Kids love a guy with a guitar or harmonica. 

17. We all love Cows, those gentle, all giving animals. You know the one thing we do not like about them? Their incessant chewing cud. If we don’t like it on them, you bet we don’t like it on you. 

18. You know that saying – Why fart and waste when you can burp and taste? Yeah, don’t do either. 

19. Farts do not light up but yes, do try it.

20. Make sure you own a shiny pair of shoes. It matters. 

21. It takes very little to be a man; actually it just takes that one thing. Don’t be that thing. And don’t scratch that thing in public. 

22. It takes very little to be a gentleman. Please be one. You will make your mom proud. 
See? Nice pants with pockets and still saving the world!
23. Be Superman except with your underwear under your pants always. Save the world, stand up for the meek and hold the job you love.

24. Learn to make a few meals, do your own laundry and vacuum. You will need it someday to impress a girl or to be there for your wife while she is having your baby. 

25. By the time you are 16, you will think you know a lot about women. Nope, not even close. You will see that each girl that you know is going to change into a lady and a woman when her wings unfurl after graduation. 

26. Lock the door to your room. American Pie is funny when the kid is not yours. 

27. Take NO for an answer. 

28. I know a lot of people say it often. It is all right to cry. Only if you feel like it, you don’t have to, no matter which woman says it. 

29. Be able to hold your drink. Start practicing when you turn 21 and keep at it till you are 23. But give it up after that and just enjoy your drinks.

30. Don’t be influenced by anyone or anything – your friends, your mother, your wine or your ego. Make your own mind and heart up. 

31. Enjoy an art, a little history, reading and something nerdy. It makes you cooler as you get older. 

32. Anything a girl can do, you can do too and maybe even better. Except give birth, not because you can’t bear that much pain just that you would look weird in those maternity clothes. 

33. Take a boy’s night out every once in a while. Even if your mom or woman gives you hell for it. It is worth it. 

34. Take care of your appearance a little. You have all that body hair and facial hair working against you, to start with. 

35. Please be funny. A funny guy can get away being geeky, nerdy, skinny or hairy. Be very funny if you are all of these. 

36. Pray and no, you are not the gift to every woman’s dream. 

37. Exercise. It's liberating.  

38. Never ever hit a person who is weaker than you. And never ever hit a woman, even if she is stronger than you. 

39. Be trustworthy and know that gossiping men are very nasty. 

40. Please pick up the check when you are out with a lady. 

41. Leave my daughters alone. Have you met their father?
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03/14/2013 1:31am

LOL for 21, trying to get that lesson through now... i love it gins! am going to make sure that Z reads this as soon as he hits puberty... I will tell him, 'just be this kind of man, u wont go wrong in life' :) and that pic of B! hehehe... no guy thinking of dating ur angels will dare cross him! only a sword is missing in the pic...

03/14/2013 8:03am

Yes, we have arranged for an assortment of swords and guns. We are prepared.

Sheetal Swamy
03/14/2013 2:47am

OMG!! LOL...i love this..simply superb..best of all was point 41 accompanied with pic!

Well done babe :)

03/14/2013 8:04am

Thank you! *bow*

03/14/2013 3:13am

I absolutely love your rules and am going to post this on my fridge for my son! He's a piece of my heart and I want him to follow just what you have laid down! And ofcourse I trust he will keep away from O and A! ;)

03/14/2013 8:05am

Yes, I like that - a piece of our heart! He is a sweetheart, both of them are.
And he will be a very smart sweetheart if he learns to navigate away from BK. ;)

Rima Patel
03/14/2013 8:54am

bloody awesome...

03/14/2013 9:28am


03/14/2013 1:58pm

LOL...beautifully summed up with point 41 :D

03/14/2013 6:12pm


03/14/2013 11:47pm

Haha...nice post....#41 is the best...all that's missing is a death ray gun :D

03/15/2013 12:03pm

We are working on the death ray gun!

I love your Origamyancy site. It's beautiful.

03/15/2013 5:52am

Well said! Im sure there are many men out there who could benefit from reading this.

03/15/2013 12:04pm

I am sure but then it's none of our business... we are lucky enough to be surrounded by awesome men!

03/15/2013 7:37am

:) total freakin' awesome!! I'm gonna keep some of these for E for sure! :) #41 and the picture just top it all... Now, I can't promise that E won't be checking lil A out :)

03/15/2013 12:05pm


Well, lucky for lil E, we already like him. Nevertheless, BK's got his eyes on him!

03/16/2013 9:44pm

Neat write-up Ginz. Im gonna make sure my son reads this when he grows up :)

03/19/2013 11:08am

Thank you!

08/28/2014 4:30am

Beautifully written.... love it.... I will make sure my darling Rehan reads this wen he's grown up... XOXO

08/28/2014 12:41pm

:) Thank you!


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