O meets A for the first time!
2012 was a big year for us. Just as 2010 was. We added to our family. Lil A was born in 2012. And I became a working mother to two, under two. 

That was a badge I wore with pride. It collected admiration from all my single friends, mommie friends with one child and more - my mom who promptly moved in with us to help. Let me just say that I didn't change all of the diapers, cook all of the food nor do all of the chores any working mom of two, under two would do. But a retired grand-mom earned badges plenty! 

We also moved into our first home as homeowners. A big first. A huge commitment and investment for us. It is not our dream house but it is home because of the warmth and memories we are building in it. 

Lil O turned 2 and became the perfect big sister. Lil A flipped on her tummy and is a smiling bundle of gorgeous. 

O, fall of 2012
How can 2012 not be BIG! 

Apart from that - I started indigoandviolet.com. This is a big step forward for me. 

Along with all else, I guess 2012 was awesome because of the things we can take for granted - health, security and happiness. 

Wishing for everyone safety, health and joy in 2013. 

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