1. I just hate it when I am having a great hair day and everyone at work is working from home. So I come home and tell BK, let's go someplace and we end up buying diaper at BJs. 

2. I just hate it when I dress real sharp and come to a meeting to realize that it's a teleconference with just one other person sitting there. 

3. I just hate it when that person comes in the next day and I have worn the same outfit to salvage it. 

4. I just hate it when someone decides to talk to me when I get into a bathroom stall. Listen Lady, I have my pants down. Do you really want to ask me how my kids are doing when my butt is exposed a few feet away from you? 

5. I just hate it when the conversation that I was eavesdropping on, goes down a notch in volume. Hello? Don't be rude. 

6. I just hate it when I have the last toilet paper and now have to replace it. Sometimes I see that and decide to not go until later. 

7. I just hate it when I come back later and now more urgently to find that BK used it up and hasn't changed the roll. 

8. I just hate it when I have gotten snug in bed and then realized that I need water or worse, need to pee and even worse that BK has not changed that toilet roll. 

9. I just hate it when the kids do the most darnedest things and most cutest things off camera. 

10. I just hate these pics! 
Thank you to my BIL or rather no, thank you for taking these pics!
I hate you Hershey's Park, PA.
11. I hate that I don't have another 9 more things that I hate so that it can be a list of 20! ;) 

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