I love Zulily - yes, love. I find so many things here. Mostly clothes for the girls and sometimes for me. I find children's books at great prices and recently the EasyPlayHouse. 
I also find some shoes too. What more can a girl ask. 

I love Zulily because:
  • Good Prices: Their prices are real sweet. Not the lowest sometimes but great value for that period of time. 
  • Great Referral Program: They would give you $20 referral fee (used to be $15) when they ship something to a person you referred. 
  • Variety of Brands: You will find a whole lot of things under one roof. I love that. Though I do notice that their home decor and kitchen stuff are expensive. 
  • The BEST Customer Service: I cannot rave enough about their customer service. Let me tell you how they WOWed me. 

I bought a dress and ended up putting it in the cart twice (yes, my enthusiasm gets the best of me). I went on ahead and ordered everything in my cart without noticing. I called Zulily Customer Service for an unrelated question and a lady at CS pointed out the quantity on that item and when I told her that it was a mistake. She refunded the cost of one item and asked me to keep both anyways. I didn't even ask for a remediation. 

Another time I order O's birthday dress and when I got it, it was way too big and obviously not the advertised size. I called to ask if they had the same item in a smaller size and they refunded the cost of that dress and asked me to keep it. 

A sketcher's pair of shoes had some finer details a little off and they refunded that as well when I asked them to replace it.

They are awesome and I love that they take care of their customer even if I didn't ask for a refund or store credit for delayed shipments. 

Since Zulily's business model is to gather orders before placing them with their suppliers to keep the costs low, their shipping time is long. It takes, on average 15-18 business days for orders to be fulfilled. (Usually you pay for shipping as well). 

If they exceed the estimated shipping time (they give you time estimates for each item upfront), they will refund the shipping costs. 

If you go via Ebates (you get cash back via check) and use coupon codes, you will save much more with Zulily

These are some of the items I picked up at Zulily over the past few years. 

Brand: Ava loves Olli
Make Believe Ideas Book set
Calvin Klein
Easy Playhouse
Joe Ella
C.I. Castro
Young Hearts
Kenneth Cole
Little Willy's


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