Wittlebee is a kids' clothing subscription club. Recently to keep with their growing clientele and demand for kids clothing monthly subscription services, they changed their modus operandi from a stylist following your notes and picking your child's clothes to you getting to select half of the items in your box. When your monthly box is due, you will have access to a showroom that allows you to build your box, the rest of the items are selected based on the brand they are currently running with. 

We still have a ton of clothes (but that doesn't stop me from buying more) and so I am not an active monthly member but I do stop and shop when they have mystery bags or other flash sales. 

Recently I ordered a Jupon dress on one of Wittlebee's flash sales. In the picture below, I ordered the dress on the left but got the dress on the right. I didn't mind the dress that I got but considering that I paid under $7 for it. I let it be. 

Left: Wittlebee online picture Right: Jupon Dress that I got
Couple of days later while I was putting it away, I went ahead and mailed Wittlebee. The very next day they responded and we exchanged couple of quick emails and they shipped the right dress immediately, no charge to me. That was really nice of them. 

Every once in a while, Wittlebee puts up a mystery bag sale. I got one for around $19. This is what I got. 
AA Wittlebee onesie, Le Top Sweater, Kissy Kissy onesie and velor dress, Mistee-v-us pants and Rabitmoon dress.
This Le Top sweater is interesting. Lil A can wear it next winter. Somehow I feel that my grandma would love this (and I mean this in a nice way). This is a pricey sweater and this alone would make the price worth it. 
This is such a cute little pink dress. It's a little old school in style but adorable on little pig-tailed girls. 
This Rabitmoon dress is very pretty. I think this would have to be my favorite in this grab bag. And I know it's expensive. 
Below is an AA onesie. I love everything from American Apparel. It shrink slightly in the wash but their material is awesome. When lil O saw this, she asked if the 'Giffaffe' was for her. I shuddered to think that I would have to get one for her too. She let it be. Maybe the jelly bean I immediately gave her distracted her. Maybe. 

The pants are Mistee-v-us. I know none of these brands except AA and Le Top. But I hear all good things. 
On the left is the Jupon dress that I had originally ordered. That's really cute. 
Wittlebee has a Clothes Swap Page on Facebook, where members can meet and swap or sell their new Wittlebee clothes if they didn't like them or have duplicates or doesn't fit right. I have picked up a few nice stuff from there. Here are a few:
AA shirt, Threadless Constellation tee and Mistee-v-us tee
I have so many Threadless tees that I couldn't resist getting this one for lil O. It's nice and lil O will love it because it is blue. She is gung-ho about blue now. 

And with the influx of pinks right here for both the girls, I picked up some different colors. And Blue and green is great. 

Mim Pi dress
This Mim Pi dress has the cutest details; heart buttons, frills, ribbons but definitely runs small. 
Rabitmoon Cardigan
Wittlebee has great value especially if you do not end up with a lot of Wittlebee items and Wittlebee branded items. I really liked some of the clothes that I have been introduced to like Trish Scully, Le Top and Lately Lily. In this set of clothes, I really like Rabbitmoon for the quality of clothes and Mim Pi for their flair. 

Now I really have to stop buying more clothes. If you do click on any of the Wittlebee links and sign up, both of us get $10 off. 

Thank you to those of you who did sign up!

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3/6/2013 10:43:53 pm

I love this mystery bag! Lots of great pieces!

3/7/2013 04:24:20 am

Exactly! I really liked the material on all the pieces including that AA onesie!


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