Couple of my readers (I have waited a while to say that - 'my readers' *gushing*) asked me if I have seen any boxes of boys' clothes from Wittlebee

Here's my friend Lidz's Wittlebee box that she got for her 4 year old son. 

Same cute little box of goodies!
Left to Right: Calvin Klein three piece set, Warrior Poet Shirt, American Apparel White Shirt, Black Pants
Lidz loved the Warrior Poet shirt ($32) a whole lot. The American Apparel (though it's white) is a great quality shirt and serves her son well as an undershirt or for layering. She also really liked the Calvin Klein sweater. 

All in all, it was way above the $29.99 that she paid for the Wittlebee box. 

And now Wittlebee is partnering up with Threadless to make such adorable tees. And I can't wait to see more of those in everyone's boxes. Read all about the Wittlebee and Threadless partnership here

If you click on any of the Wittlebee links and subscribe to them, you will get $10 off your first order (And I will get a referral fee!). 

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1/9/2013 12:19:20 am

Thats my first box! Its really neat how they send you all these brands for such low price each, and good quality too. Looking forward to some uber cool Threadless Tee's now :)

1/11/2013 12:28:25 am

Lucky! Getting a nice box like this from Wittlebee seems to be the exception. I did not have a similar experience.

After several months of membership, I have a pile of ugly, plain and poor quality clothing for my girls and just a couple of nicer items that I actually would have purchased. $40 a month adds up fast. Imagine what you could buy for $480 in a year.

The nicer outfits (if you are lucky enough to get one) are available for sale online for around $15-$20. When you add shipping, that's a little more expensive than Wittlebee, but you don't have to take the risk that you'lll actually get a brand name outfit. And you get to pick it out yourself without the risk of not liking the random outfit they sent.

1/11/2013 02:48:02 pm

Aww..I am sorry that your experience with them has been poor. I did see that a lot of folks had bad experiences while an equally good number of them got awesome boxes (better than the ones I did)! I hope with all the changes they claim to be making, consistency with their services is right on top of their list. Sarah, do look through some of my other reviews and perhaps another monthly subscription may suit you better? (Maybe I should just come out and say Sweet Pea Box :))

1/12/2013 05:28:03 am

Wow. My boy box just came and it was beyond awful. That white tee shirt she got? That's pretty much all my box had. Plain knit tees and pants. Drab colors- navy blue, black, grey. I got one of the wittlebee shirts. It's just OK to be honest. I'm not that impressed with it. Very disappointed. I could have paid like $5 a piece for the same things from Old Navy or Target (the solid knit pieces). Yuck.


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