This is the last box I opened with Wittlebee. Just to play catch up - I paused my account with Wittlebee (a children's clothing club). They will take into consideration your child's gender, age and style and send you a grab bag for $39.99 per month. They are teamed up with amazing brands like Trish Scully, Tea Collection, Violet+Moss, Treadless, Isabel Garreton, Le Top, American Apparel (to name just a handful). I have loved the clothes that I got from Wittlebee. 

This is my fourth Wittlebee box. Out of which I won two from LearnVest

Jupon two piece set

Next to indigoandviolet, I love the color Plum. It's so rich and mysterious. This is a Baby Nay top and I paired it with a Strawberry leggings. 
I like the print on this top and I think this is the only print and top that I like of Baby Nay line. It's a very pretty little thing. I have a similar color from Janie and Jack and I love that. 

Le Top dress and tights
I believe this is a Jupon set. I also think they are a sister line from Baby Nay. I am not sure. This outfit is cotton, simple and pleasant. I am not overly crazy about it. But we travel a lot to tropical places and I think this will make a comfortable wear in that weather. 

Baby Nay top with Strawberry leggings

Now this is a hot favorite outfit of mine from Le Top. I got a duplicate of the Le Top with Kittens and once again I was able to swap the duplicate with this lovely, lovely outfit on the Wittlebee Swap Group (Official) page. And better still, I got this for lil A. Finally something for her! It's a thicker material with those lovely tights. I love this outfit. 

All in all, I really like this box as well. 
Wittlebee has totally worked for me. You know what I want to see from them? I would love for them to start a Back to Basics box. In that they will provide on request (as opposed to monthly) basic wear like layering solid tees, white/black tights, leggings and the like. There are folks out there who would be happy to just buy some basics and solids without losing quality and money. I will be happy to receive a box full of AA tees, Cottonseed and leggings for $15 to $20. They may be able to handle less-than-thrilled customers as well. 

Click on any of the Wittlebee links for a $10 off your Wittlebee box. I get a referral fee if you sign on. 
Click on Learnvest links to learn a ton on Investing, Budgeting, Savings. You will find an incredible resource center on everything you need to know on how to budget and invest. 

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I have LearnVest to thank for their giveaway of this Wittlebee box. (At the time of receiving this box, I was no longer an active customer with Wittlebee nor was indigoandviolet live...just saying!)

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