Wittlebee impressed us yet again with an awesome set of clothes in size 3T. 

So I had paused my account since we are overwhelmed with clothes right then. But I won a giveaway with LearnVest (these guys are awesome) and got two more Wittlebee boxes. How WOW is that! 

I thought that these boxes would arrive in Dec 2012 or later and forgot to inquire after it. And one day, shortly after I had gotten my Nov box, I found two of those nice little boxes at my doorstep. 

I had been happy till now with Wittlebee and then they decided to up the game and thrill me.  

Isabel Garreton Top and Butterfly Tutu
We were never tutu fans. But I really like it on her and moreover, I love the color. 

Violet+Moss dress
This pink star spangled shirt is from Sage Creek. I love the quality of the material. I wish there were clothes in larger sizes for me. This would be perfect shirts for me to lounge around in. 
The pants are Flap Happy. 

Again, I am thrilled that I am trying out so many clothes from different and unique houses of fashion. 
We got an Isabel Garreton red top. Up until now I had never heard of this line of clothes. I looked them up and they make some very lovely and equally expensive children's clothes for occasions. And here we had a nice top, in red and around Christmas. Great timing and styling much? So here's lil O in it... one such picture featured on our Christmas card!
Getting her to pose was another matter all together!

I had been wanting to try Kate Quinn and Violet+Moss clothes for a while. I just didn't want to spend money on it without knowing how those brands were. And I struck gold. We got this pink frilly Violet+Moss dress. It's big for O yet but looks like the material is nice and soft. 

Sage Creek Organic Shirt and Flap Happy Pants
Trish Scully Child Top
I got couple of duplicate items in this box and since they were awesome pieces as well, I was able to swap them on their Wittlebee Swap Group (Official). And I got this incredibly adorable top. It's just so simple in its prettiness and I can't stop gushing about this. Seriously! Why is someone NOT making this exact thing for women? Which woman in her sane mind would not buy this? 
This is a Trish Scully from the house of Trish Scully Child. I went over to their site and found more beautiful pieces. Wittlebee also put some beautiful items on sale recently. Just love it. It's a simple crochet on printed cotton. I love their tag too - I would use it as a bookmark in a heartbeat. 
Sigh! Trish Scully, you make me wish I were a child! 

Wasn't this box just *BOOM* *mind blown*?!

As always, if you click on any of the Wittlebee links here and place an order, you will get $10 off and I will get a referral fee. 

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I have LearnVest to thank for their giveaway of this Wittlebee box. (At the time of receiving this box, I was no longer an active customer with Wittlebee nor was indigoandviolet live...just saying!)

And also, No Animals were hurt during the writing of this post. Oh, except this chicken whose wing I am chewing on. 

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